Treating anxiety with remote hypnosis

Anxiety can be debilitating and cause problems in performing what otherwise might be routine daily tasks. Taking the first steps to seek treatment can also be confusing and confronting. At Barnard Mind Solution we offer hypnosis sessions via Skype to help deal with the symptoms of anxiety.  Treatment consists of four x one hour sessions over a 4 week period.

There are many recognised causes of anxiety and these can stem from a mental health issue, physical conditions, the effects of drugs both prescribed and illicit. External factors may also impact on your anxiety levels. Relations ships, financial, work and studies are some of the external factors contributing to anxiety in clients that Barnard Mind solution has dealt with in the past.

If you are finding anxiety is impacting your day to fay life and are not quite sure where to turn we believe we can help. Simply click on the link below and fill in the brief questionnaire below.

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