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Hypnosis to quit smoking has track record

How does it work? Read about the Barnard Mind Solution method, it’s unlike any other hypnosis you’ve tried. Nothing weird or wonderful – just straightforward hypnosis that works. Call Kerry right now, it could be the phone call that changes your life forever 03 5447 7306

Have you wondered how to quit smoking? Do you want to regain your health, happiness and freedom from cigarettes? There’s no need to go it alone, Barnard Mind Solution in Bendigo will help you quit smoking fast.

Smoking is 90 percent habit and one that is difficult to break. Quit-smoking gimmicks such as patches, gum, sprays and more are ineffective because they fail to tackle the underlying issue of the habit of smoking. What you need is a solution to the habit itself which has a hold on your life.

Don’t give up on giving up without trying hypnotherapy with Kerry; it will change your life for the better in every way. Hypnosis is completely safe and natural, providing a lasting solution you will feel good about.

Why should you choose hypnosis to stop smoking?

  • this method has a proven track record, helping you regain your health and happiness from day one
  • Barnard Mind Solution provides support for six months to ensure you remain a non-smoker
  • you will stay a non-smoker in all situations
  • two booster sessions are included in your investment
  • you receive positive-habit reinforcement audio
  • quit smoking and save your health for less than the cost of a month’s cigarette money
  • affordable payment plans available.

Making that Phone call will change your life forever. Commit now to making that call. 03 5447 7306 

Did you know?

Every cigarette contains half a teaspoonful of sugar! Most people don’t know this, but it’s the white processed sugar in cigarettes that’s prematurely aging and killing you. Smokers and diabetics are unaware of the sugar in smokes undermining their health. Read our special report to find out more.

Kerry Barnard Amor is a certified hypnotist with a science and education background, her clients’ success is testimony to her practice. If you want a solution to help you stop the habit, contact us today. Based in Victoria’s regional centre Bendigo, Barnard Mind Solution can help you take back control in other areas of your life too, including weight loss, anxiety and stress. Kerry Barnard Amor can also help if you’re feeling lost or stuck in life, with hypnotherapy for clear thinking.

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