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Through her journey to become a hypnotherpaist and her experience with clients Kerry believes there is a need that really isn’t being addresses by pyschiatrists, psychologists and counsellors. This need being simple everyday issues. They are not specific to anxiety, depression or phobias. They are simply issues that people don’t now how to solve. Kerry’s work with so many clients over the years often delves beyond the weightloss, smoking or phobias that clients typically come to see Kerry for.

This is where Kerry has developed what she refers to as ‘mind coaching’ or simply put providing every  day people with a confidant.

Mind coaching does not profess nor does it claim to be counselling nor is it designed to replace psychiatry or psychology sessions. This is

                                  “resetting your mindset for a better life”

It’s having a confidant, a person with whom one shares a secret or private matter, trusting them not to repeat it to others. It’s being able to have an open and frank conversation with someone you respect to help.

Some of the issues where Kerry has helped previously with mind coaching are

  • Family matters
  • relationship matters
  • solving financial woes

On so many occassions whilst life from an outsiders persepctive may seem rosie and wonderful, often people have a nagging feeling or something they need to get off their chest and simply don’t have someone (a confidant) they can share this with. By having a confidant to discuss this with individuals can start to feel better. Kerry’s qualifications and training enables her to assist in resetting your mindset for a better life and to assist in dealing with that nagging problem. (This does not involve hypnotherapy.)

Kerry really can help with

  • feeling of being stuck and lost to being found
  • Uncomfrotable to comfortable
  • not quite right to right
  • Claustrophobic (metophorically) to feeling free and unbound in fresh air
  • Scatching that nagging itch that can’t be scratched (on your own)

You can schedule a session with Kerry either at her premises, remotely online or via phone.

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