Bendigo hypnosis for clear thinking

Tapping into your unconscious mind

Whatever it is that’s bothering you, making you niggly or feeling uncomfortable in your life, we can resolve it. How? By tapping into your unconscious mind, which has all the answers if only we choose we listen. Catch that feeling early, resolve it and it doesn’t get to be a big problem.

But most people choose to ignore that initial “not quite right” feeling, hoping it will “go away” by itself. It’s like the red light in your car that says you have a flat tyre. The way to resolve it is to stop the car and take the old tyre off and replace it with a fully inflated new one. However most people choose to keep driving, resulting in a very bumpy, uncomfortable and potentially dangerous journey.

It’s so much easier to fix a small hole in the roof than waiting till the roof blows off and the rain’s pouring in and then deciding to do something about it.

At Barnard Mind Solution, we don’t do bandaids, we do solutions. That’s what sets us apart. How? By tapping into your unconscious mind, which has all the solutions if only we choose to listen!

Result? You feel empowered. You are back in charge of the bus, creating a better more comfortable life for yourself and those you love and who love you. We do it by deleting old unwanted habits and replacing them with new habits that work for you deep in your unconscious mind, because that is where the real learning takes place.

Drinking inappropriately or more than you’re comfortable with?

Many people feeling lost or stuck in life can turn to alcohol for help. It’s not the solution and inevitably makes bad situations worse. Our hypnosis for clear thinking can help you find better solutions to life’s challenges.

Perhaps you know there have been times in your work when you were not at your best because you had too much to drink the night before. Or perhaps you find yourself getting irritable. You may have spent time trying to rationalise the negative impact alcohol has been having in your life, or persuade yourself that it’s just something you do to unwind and relax, just a bit of fun. But the trade you make when you drink to excess is a con. What alcohol offers you by way of a few hours of comfort it takes away from you tenfold in other ways.

Excessive drinking over the long term steals your health and clouds your thinking ability. You pay a high price for the brief, temporary comfort it promised it would give you.

Some people choose to find a healthy place for alcohol in their lives. So you may choose to have a place in your life for moderate drinking, rather than that old compulsion. Barnard Mind Solution’s clear thinking hypnotism is about freeing yourself from being dependant on alcohol, about helping you make a change in your life so you can feel proud of yourself and be much healthier and more energetic.

Hypnotherapy to feel better about yourself

People feel uncomfortable when they close the door to their unconscious mind, to their intuition or whatever you choose to call it. They make their decisions and actions using their conscious mind or willpower with words like “must, have to, need, should and try” cluttering up their mind. They’re cutting themselves off from what their intuition is so desperately wanting to tell them.

This disconnect and clutter, inhibits their best interests and intentions coming to mind resulting in self sabotage. It’s a habit or way of thinking that’s been learnt. The good news is it can just as easily be unlearnt and better ways of thinking and habits can be learnt. Regaining Emotional Mastery. A calm and clear way of thinking and lifestyle. Able to handle any situation in a better way. Feeling better about yourself and more comfortable in your own skin.

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