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Drive your game further and play better golf

Golf is a game of the mind. Strengthen your mind and you strengthen your game. Some amateur golfers believe that physical practice will improve their game and so they aim to swing their club so many times per week. While physical practice is no doubt still an important aspect for success, 95 percent of the game is played in the mind! If only five percent is in physical ability, then to truly improve your game and play better golf, improving the mind needs to be the priority.

It might sound surprising but it makes sense when you think about the composure and demeanor of a pro golfer. Pro golfers are confident, able to concentrate under pressure and are masters of visualisation. These things aren’t gained by repeatedly swinging a golf club or hitting a ball – they are practised in the mind both on and off the golf course.

The best players in the world visualise the ball in flight, images of their target, images of both the line and the ball rolling into the hole on that line with the putter. Golf hypnotherapy will help you gain these skills, and more. Kerry Barnard Amor also shows golfers how to imagine the ball coming out of the hole and back to the putter, giving the mind more data to execute the perfect swing. Kerry is a certified hypnotist with a science and education background. The Barnard Mind Solution practice started out by helping athletes in a range of sports beat their competition by harnessing the power of the mind.

To mentally dominate your competition and unlock your hidden potential, contact Barnard Mind Solution today. Services also include hypnotism for anxiety so you can acquire a clear mind.

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