Hypnosis for gambling

Gambling, like any habit, becomes entrancing. When you get the urge, all other thoughts and considerations, all common sense, just disappears and only returns once the gambling episode is finished.

It’s as if a curtain comes down and you go into a tunnel of consciousness where only gambling exists. Hypnosis for gambling helps you learn to step outside of the gambling trance, so you get back control.

Stop gambling hypnosis

Make no mistake, the gambling pattern is a thief! It steals not just your money, but also your time and self-respect. It robs quality from your relationships and life – and on the rare occasion that gambling delivers, it soon takes back much more than it gave.

Gambling addiction has an insatiable appetite. The more you feed it with your time, your money and your attention, the more it demands. And with online betting apps making it easier to place a bet at just the click of a button, gambling addiction can sneak up and take hold on your life.

Like any addiction, the way to get free of gambling is to stop feeding it. Hypnosis to stop gambling helps put control back in your hands, breaking the link in your mind between gambling and perceived benefits.

How does hypnotherapy for gambling work?

Compulsive gambling may seem like harmless fun. But when gambling becomes something you feel compelled to do, or if you feel agitated until you get your ‘fix’ – then make no mistake it is a destructive habit.

When you gamble for long periods, your natural ‘orientation response’ – your brain’s stimulus / reaction system – gets exhausted, leaving you feeling depressed. When this occurs, time can become distorted and seem to flow more slowly, as if in a dream.

In this state gambling becomes unconsciously encoded in the brain. Your hypnotherapy for gambling program will help to switch off this link and create new links that give you that satisfaction in a healthier, happier way.

Do I need hypnosis for gambling?

Does gambling make you feel out of control? Do you start gambling and then wonder where the evening, morning or afternoon went? Does gambling sometimes come before real life? Do you find it hard to press the off button? Do you feel exhausted but agitated after hours spent gambling?

Whether it’s betting on horses, dogs, sports or playing the pokies, you may be using gambling to escape from the hassles you face in your life. But you realise that gambling never delivers the release it seems to promise, keeping you hooked in what seems like an endless cycle of dissatisfaction.

If you feel like you’ve lost control and you want to get back in charge of your life, you’re already halfway there! The next step is to contact Barnard Mind Solution so we can delete that old habit from your unconscious mind and embed a new mindset and habits. Giving all the rewards you thought you were getting from gambling, but now in a healthy, happy way. You’re in control – easily and effectively.

Your unique, personal hypnosis for gambling program will help get your life back on track. Just think how wonderful it will be when you have left that old habit in the past where it belongs, now having so much more choice and control. Happy and free.

Stop Gambling Hypnosis

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