Hypnosis for corrections staff

It’s completely understandable that prison officers are drawn to smoking. You’re stuck at a post, on watch, on guard, your job is stressful and there’s a lot of pressure. Almost all the prisoners smoke, many of the other officers smoke. The environment is conducive to becoming a smoker! Maybe you never even wanted to become a smoker, but now you’re addicted and it has a hold on your life. At work and now at home, too. Barnard Mind Solution provides hypnosis for prisons in Castlemaine and surrounding regions.

As of 2015 smoking in prisons will be banned. The government is already taking action to phase it out and this will continue until there is a blanket ban for prison officers, general staff and prisoners smoking on the premises of any prison or correctional facility. Reports have talked about the implementation of pills, patches, quit-lines. But smoking is an addiction and a habit that needs to be broken in the mind – you need to replace your obsession with smoking with healthy thoughts. Thoughts that reinforce the need to quit smoking for good.

Forget wasting time with expensive fads that don’t work. Organise your local hypnotist to come into the prison and help your prison officers or colleagues regain their health and cope with the smoking ban. Barnard Mind Solution will be providing hypnosis for prisons in Castlemaine and across Victoria and will travel interstate where required, please contact Kerry for more information about this service.

Barnard Mind Solution’s corporate hypnotherapy services include hypnosis for miners, one of the industries most affected by smoking and the subsequent impact on profitability. Barnard Mind Solution services prisons Australia-wide.

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