Hypnosis for miners

Did you know manual workers smoke more than any other job type?

Manual workers smoke more than other job types and the mining industry is one of the most heavily affected by smoking employees. We know that smoking affects individual health and business profitability. Smokers take more breaks, more sick days and cost your mine thousands each year, putting a major dint in productivity and your profits.

Barnard Mind Solution provides hypnosis for miners in WA, Queensland, the Northern Territory and elsewhere on request, because working in a mine is proven not to be the healthiest of occupations as it is and combined with a cigarette addiction, well it’s just a cocktail for disaster.

Underground mines are oxygen-poor as it is, if you have a reduced lung-capacity or shortness of breath due to smoking, you might find it hard to concentrate, difficult to make decisions and in the case of an emergency your reaction times will be reduced. When you think about it, it’s easy to see why smoking is such a problem in the mining industry.

Improve the health of your staff and you improve the profitability of your mine! Use our form to enquire about hypnosis for miners. Barnard Mind Solution provides corporate hypnotherapy services interstate in WA, Queensland and the Northern Territory – because your profits shouldn’t go up in smoke. Servicing Australia-wide.

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