Corporate hypnotherapy services

Are your profits going up in smoke?

Read our corporate report which will inform you how your organisation can improve productivity and profit by having a smoke-free, happy, healthy workforce.

Did you know healthy workers are more productive? It makes sense, doesn’t it. Healthy often equates to being happy and if you’re happy, you’re more likely to go about your day with a positive, can-do attitude. In order to help businesses tackle smoking in the workplace, Barnard Mind Solution is now providing corporate hypnotherapy services.

We know smoking is bad for our mental and physical health, yet many people continue to battle with their cigarette addiction. Smoking isn’t just bad for individuals though, it’s bad for the workforce and our economy. It’s proven that employees who smoke take more breaks (“smokos”), get sick more often and subsequently take more sick days and are generally less productive as a result of their smoking addiction. In fact, basic calculations show that smoking employees cost you an average of $5000 per year, and that’s per smoking employee! How many of your employees smoke…?

Corporate hypnotherapy services will produce exactly the kind of staff you want – happy, healthy, motivated and productive. It’s good for them and it’s good for your business. Hypnosis taps into the most powerful organ in the body – the brain – to reset attitudes and negative thought processes. Not only does hypnotherapy delete these thought processes holding you back, it replaces them with positive ones.

The figures about smoking in the workforce might be alarming but help is at hand. It’s time to take control of your profits going up in smoke – help your staff become healthy and happy and help your business succeed. Your hypnotist Kerry is qualified and ready to help your corporation boost staff productivity and regain your profits. Contact Barnard Mind Solution for more information about your specific needs, we’d be happy to tailor a program to suit you. Corporate services available Australia-wide.

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