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Remote hypnosis for smoking, weight loss, anxiety and phobias

Remote hypnosis can work for a variety of conditions to assist with weight loss, anxiety and phobias. Remote sessions can be provided by audio files and or Skype sessions. Each session is individually tailored to the specific needs of the individual. Understanding the individual and unique motivational factors for each individual are critical factors for the success of the bespoke created remote hypnosis programs.

  1. Weight Loss – Audio(in your own setting in your own time, see time commitments required)
  2. Weight Loss – Skype (via appointment 4 x 1 hour appointments)
  3. Anxiety – Skype (via appointment 4 x 1 hour appointments)
  4. Phobia – Skype (via appointment 4 x 1 hour appointments)

You can change your life starting today.


Phobia Skype sessions

Many people with phobias believe that this is a condition that they will have to live with for the rest of their lives. Typically a phobia is a disconnected fear where the fear is typically much greater than their needs to be. Being told by family friends “to get over it” really isn’t going to…

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Weight loss digital audio sessions

Personal audio remote programs for weight loss Weight Loss is always much easier said than done and even after successfully losing weight many people go on to regain the weight due to the very nature of the diets and weight loss programmes offered. A healthier lifestyle A special event coming up (e.g. weight loss for…

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Weight loss Skype sessions

Remote hypnosis via Skype works for many issues. For example: Enabling you to lose weight and feel more comfortable and confident in yourself. Or reduce stress, feeling much calmer and in control. Or to delete a phobia and regain that sense of being able to handle any situation in a better way. You work directly…

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Anxiety skype sessions

Anxiety can be debilitating and cause problems in performing what otherwise might be routine daily tasks. Taking the first steps to seek treatment can also be confusing and confronting. At Barnard Mind Solution we offer hypnosis sessions via Skype to help deal with the symptoms of anxiety.  Treatment consists of four x one hour sessions…

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