Val Kennedy I feel so happy and comfortable with me!

Now I really look after me – thanks to your hypnosis program

I now know I have done something really good for myself and am feeling so much better about me! I have a loving and wonderful family and a husband who is a truck driver, so away from home a lot. Can make things challenging. Having always worked, cared for my family and in the past put others before myself. I was unhappy, smoking and overweight.

This year I decided was about me looking after me. I started by quitting smoking back in January. I used Barnard Mind Solution and Kerry was great. My attitude and belief in myself changed dramatically. Feeling so good in February I decided to do the “Whole Deal” with Kerry. Building upon my success at quitting I decided to lose some more weight. Get fitter, be more active, enjoy life more.

In the past I had wanted to change but didn’t know how. Kerry answered that question and put me back in charge of my life in all ways. It became enjoyable and exciting once again. I was so proud of myself and who I had become. I felt natural every step of the way.

I had reservations. Will this work?

I didn’t think I would be strong enough. “Halleluiah”, is my response now. Strength has nothing to do with it! Kerry showed me what really motivates us to change. It isn’t what most people think it is.

In the now distant past, I’d done all the diets. Failed every time. Which made me feel like a failure. More and more disappointed in myself. Angry even.

When I entertained the idea of using hypnosis I did what everyone does I searched the internet. Barnard Mind Solution jumped out at me.

I have become a role model for the family. My husband has come along on the journey and is eating so much better. His choice! And my son wanted the healthy rye bread. He asked, “Why do you get the good bread?”

I didn’t think I would feel so happy and comfortable with me!

In the past I struggled to see the me I wanted to be. I could see a body but no face. Then as Kerry guided me through the “imagine” exercise I focused on my lips and then the haze lifted and I could see my face. The face I wanted. It was a truly lightbulb moment.

Now I’m coasting, confident and content. Chatty and Happy as never before.

Now I put the best fuel in the tank of my body. I didn’t need to deprive myself as I had done in the past. I nurture my mind just as well as my physical self. I feel good and believe in myself.

If anyone is thinking about hypnosis or wanting a better life,( which I did for a while), I say “Just go for it”. And feel so much better in yourself from that very first session. Why? Because you are giving your mind and body what it needs to thrive and flourish in all ways.