The Today Show gave me the idea

Weight loss with hypnotherapy

I thought it would be really hard but it isn’t!! It’s easy and efficient. Even at the footy I recognised I was bored. In the past I would have eaten, (something not good for me), now I just went for a walk and had a change of scenery. No more bored. No inappropriate eating. Retraining my unconscious mind in a new way of thinking.

Water is now a great new habit. At least 2 litres a day. Big win is that I haven’t had diet coke for a long, long time. And I don’t miss it. Love having my fresh fruit and granola for breaky. I vary the smoothie each day which keeps it interesting and gives my body what it needs to thrive and be energetic.

Used to consume “diet shakes”, which are full of processed sugar. Chucked them out and feel really sick and turned off even the thought of them. I couldn’t do shakes, weight watchers or any diet ever again. I look back and see it was the same old, same old – no long term positive results. And it was a miserable place to be it. Have deleted bread, haven’t missed it. Loving all my new complex carbs.
Best thing – making time for me. To nurture and look after myself in brand new ways. Everyone around me benefits from my new mindset. Enjoying me time, without the guilt I used to feel. In tune with my intuition much more and feeling better for it. Now I choose to follow that intuition as I realise it has my best interests at heart.

Sleeping so much better and fall to sleep quicker a real bonus.

Was watching the today show and the guy on there said he had lost a heap of weight by consulting a hypnotherapist. I thought, “ Now that’s what I need. I reckon I could give it a go.” But only if I have an open mind. I started googling as you do and Kerry’s website jumped out at me! I emailed Kerry and we went from there. My family has always come first and now I thought it’s time for me.

So money was not an issue. It’s the best value for money!
Takeaway – Choosing to make time for and really look after me, and feeling great about it.