The journey was easy, I expected it to be hard! – P Harold

Hypnosis to lose weight worked – easy

My journey with Kerry and the program has been very easy, which was unexpected. I felt I needed to change. When I read Kerry’s website it looked like she was offering that opportunity. If I wanted to change, she had the solution.

The journey was easy and more comprehensive than I could have asked for. It wasn’t just about what I’m eating, it was also about breathing, exercise, nutrition, sleep, appetite awareness, paying attention. Actually, I think one of the major things about the process is that it engenders self-trust. By tapping into your unconscious mind. That’s the difference with Kerry.

Trusting my intuition and trusting that I do know what I need to thrive in all ways. And as long as I listen to my unconscious mind, it’s easy.

It’s made me realise that when I have a thought, I have a choice in how I choose to respond to that thought. That’s really empowering. Giving me a tool to discard thoughts that aren’t working for me. And find a better solution because now I can toss that old thought and then come up with something that’s going to serve me better. I’m not a passenger or hostage to myself. I’m in charge of the car and I’m a good driver.

Because Kerry embodies everything that she is sharing Kerry has the authority to do what she does. Kerry is congruent. Her words and actions match up.

I love cooking so took a few tips from the recipes. What was great about it was I would change it slightly. For example, Kerry had a moussaka recipe, and it was a much healthier version of the moussaka that I made in the past. So I had the confidence to make it her way and I really enjoyed it every bit as much.

In the past I was just waiting for it, the diet or whatever to be over, so I could go back to behaving as I did before. Whereas I felt with this I’m doing it because I want to do it and it feels good.

My whole life I’ve always eaten everything that was on the plate. Whether I’ve wanted to or not. Whether I’ve liked it or haven’t. Whereas now when I’ve had enough I just stop. Easy.

I’m very particular, tidy and organized. However, this time when I cleaned out my wardrobe I actually got rid of things I’ve been hanging onto for 20 years! Thinking “I’ll keep that because I’ll wear that again” but that was never going to happen. So I’ve discarded a whole lot of things I don’t need or want. I feel that reflects that I’ve let go, no longer holding onto things that don’t work for me.

Making room for the things I do want. I’m definitely more relaxed. I attribute that to eating at the same times and because the breakfast, it sustains me. There are no cravings or anything like that.

I feel incongruence, resolved and at peace with myself.