Trekking with strong, clean healthy lungs. Chris Abbotts

Quit smoking- trecking with strong, clean lungs

I didn’t want to put up with the worry and stress of smoking any more. I’d had enough. The session with Kerry was bizarre. I used to smoke at least 20 a day. I really wanted it to work but never seriously thought it would.

Sounds weird now as I have stopped smoking. In fact I’ve not had a second thought about it at all, weird!! Bizarre! In the past I would have had that thought and had one. But that habit is all gone now. Replaced with new habits that work for me, without me having to think about it.

I wasn’t getting any younger. And always thought I could change by getting the best help available. That was Kerry. In fact I chose to do both the quit smoking and trim and terrific programs to build on my initial success. It’s been an education on what, when and why I used to smoke and eat inappropriately. It’s definitely a lifestyle change rather than a diet. Gives me back control over my thoughts, emotions and actions.

I’m looking forward to travelling overseas in the near future. I wouldn’t be doing a high altitude treck if I hadn’t done this program with Kerry. Feeling better emotionally, mentally and physically. Now that I’m in charge in a good way. So that I am now thriving and trecking which I love.