Quit Smoking – Trish Hurnell

I tried everything to stop smoking – then doctor suggested hypnotherapy – the rest is history

Hi, three years ago, after trying everything else to stop smoking, my Dr suggested hypnotherapy and recommended Kerry. I gave her a call and at first, was a little put off by the cost. I thought I could never afford it until Kerry told me that she had a payment plan which would cost me less than I was spending on cigarettes each week.

I met with Kerry just a couple of days later and felt an instant connection with her. She made me feel completely at ease and after the first session, I left her place feeling like I had never been a smoker and I have never wanted to smoke since that day.

Over the past two years I have had some very difficult times in my life. My partner was diagnosed with Alzheimers disease, a cruel thing and very difficult to cope with, but not once did I think that I needed a cigarette. In fact I feel able to cope with whatever life throws at me. I beat cigarettes, I can beat anything.

I am so much happier, healthier and wealthier. My hair doesn’t smell yuk any more, my clothes don’t smell yuk anymore and I am no longer a slave to cigarettes.

Thanks Kerry our sessions have been a pleasure.