PTSD is receding – Mandy McKay

Hypnosis with Kerry is recreating our lives

The extensive services Kerry is providing to me and my two children is recreating our lives. The benefits are heartfelt. I am stronger and my children are happier. My little family is now beginning to flourish once more, with Kerry’s guidance, following extraordinary challenging life circumstances we have faced.

Kerry has many professional qualifications, career and progressive skills in her bottomless toolbox. Straightforward and creative Solutions. Kerry’s skill for communication, both collaborative and conversation, counselling with my children and participating in hypnosis, is extraordinary.

My PTSD is receding. My stress is greatly reduced. My family is happy. My gratitude to Kerry continues to grow.
My children are particularly fond of Kerry. They say she’s the only person they know who can tell me to “be quiet”. They feel heard. They are heard. Plans are made. Action is taken. The growth and evolution my family has experienced and continues to experience is thanks to the astute and forthright assistance from Kerry.

My daughter is so much happier, satisfied somehow-communication is back on track. A happier home life has been created. The teenage years are a challenge. Kerry has advised my daughter on how to deal with her difficulties by changing her mindset at the deep unconscious level. Result Kerry has essentially helped my daughter define, focus on and achieve her goals. No small achievement.