Peggy Knowles – Long term Weight Loss Star

I had a fear of failure – no more I have succeeded in so many ways.

I was a nurse for 15 yrs, now a retail shop owner.I wanted to make my body comfortable again.Less aches and pains and able to be more active again without fear of injury. I was flat and down all the time. Hiding behind a fake smile and forced happiness.I was finding my regular routines challenging.Putting on socks and shoes made me cry.

I’ve done it all -weight watchers, Michelle Bridges, Optifast, Phen/ Phen,Health point,Jenny Craig, personal trainers,you name it.I have done other generic hypnosis as well.

I liked the idea of a more personalized program. And yes, it was my time. I felt I was ready to make this shift. But with Kerry’s words in my head, I have been much more focused.There was a fear of another failure and another rebound. But from the first track, I was comfortable and reassured. It seems that the personalized program has made the message stick in an entirely different way.

Every time I start a new “program” I will lose 10 or so Kg. but then I will slip into old habits, let things go, get tired of feeling “denied” and make excuses to treat myself. So far on the Barnard program, I have been able to not feel denied and keep an eye on my indulgences. One glass of wine does not need to be 3, one bite of the kids ice cream is enough. I still have a ways to go, but feel very determined to make my goal and I will.

After 4 months, I was 18 kg down! So very happy with the mental edge and focus this program has given me. I truly think that the personalised approach has made all the difference. Thank you!!!
Thanks again so much. I am so happy to have had this opportunity. Best regards, Peggy