My children love that she tells me to be quiet! – Mandy McKay

We will continue with “tuneups” with Kerry and hypnosis to be at our best

My daughter and I will continue to see Kerry. The four intensive sessions, with my daughter were effective and life changing. My daughter wanted more independence. Which has been encouraged. While also educating her in the additional responsibilities that comes with the additional independence. My daughter and I will see Kerry periodically to stay on track. A tune-up she calls it. Rather than waiting for the wheels to fall off!!

My son is just beginning his sessions with Kerry. I’m confident he is going to grin when Kerry tells me to “be quiet”. The sessions are as dynamic and creative as you want them to be. Or as gentle and nurturing as you need. With plenty of humour for the children when appropriate.

I’ve been to doctors, councillors and psychologists to try and gain assistance during my life. Kerry is different. I think of her as our life coach and so much more!! Kerry is someone who can give me the motivation, when I need it and creative solutions when I feel I’m lacking something.

You have to put effort into creating a better life but you don’t have to be perfect. Do be prepared for changing your mindset, clearing out clutter, creating solutions, taking action and reaping the benefits and rewards. Feeling better and better in all ways. Kerry’s skills are incomparable. Thanks Kerry.