Luke Lynne – Quit smoking, now thriving

It happened so easily! Hypnotised and didn’t realise it!

I came to see Kerry about 4 years ago to quit smoking. I wanted to quit back then. And to happened so easily! Surprising really as I walked out thinking this hasn’t worked, I haven’t been hypnotised. But it did! No-one was more surprised than me. Back then I was stuck in a boring job, lived on junk food, was basically miserable and had an unhealthy lifestyle. Quitting was the start of a life changing journey. Not just for me but my whole family.

My family are everything to me and I want to be the best Dad and Husband I can be. So after I quit I knew I wasn’t eating right even though many other things had changed for the better in my life. Left my old boring job and now doing what I love with passion.

I called Kerry a few months ago now to see about getting into better shape. Because I wasn’t giving my body what it needed to thrive. I lacked energy, was unhappy with that part of myself and would get moody for no apparent reason. Now I love each day with energy to burn. Just as well, as I am a dairy farmer with a young family.

In the past I had been to the doctor to quit smoking. He put me on tablets. It didn’t work! When I decided I wanted to get into shape I tried all the shakes and diets around. I still have $750 worth of these diet products sitting the kitchen cupboard, gathering dust.

If I hadn’t seen Kerry all those years ago to quit smoking and now recently to lose weight and get into shape and feel better I would be still smoking, very fat and miserable. Stuck in the same dead-end job. Same pointless day to day existence.

I decided I had had enough. Speaking to Kerry on the phone 4 years ago she made me feel so positive about quitting. We explored how my life would be so much better. I was so excited to quit. I could see myself being happier in every way.

Now 4 years on I’m happier, healthier, saved tens of thousands of dollars, run my own business on the farm and am a better partner and Dad. It’s been a lifestyle change. A change of “mindset”. As Kerry says “from surviving to thriving”. Quit not just smoking but my old job.

I can’t believe I hadn’t done it all sooner. First time 4 years ago I thought, “that’s not going to work on me”. But it did and I haven’t looked back since. So when I decided to get into great shape, after my diet bump in the road, Kerry was the go to person. This time I came with an open mind. Easy, interesting and enjoyable is how I would describe the journey.

I quit with ease, no stress. Now in better shape, eating really well and feeling the difference. I became a much calmer person. Nicer to be around. My wife is happier with me and am a good role model for my children. Fulfilled in so many ways.