Kathryn Seelen – More than I expected

I was burnt out – now thriving in all ways thanks to hypnosis from Kerry

I was once a corporate high flyer, a very successful entrepreneur. Having created my own very successful business. But then I found myself burnt out by life. I was stagnant and frustrated! I have two beautiful young girls and wanted to be happy from within, rather than miserable. The external success wasn’t making me happy. I was just surviving not thriving!

I felt stressed, anxious, out of control, no direction. I wasn’t very happy and I was actually looking for direction, calmness and control. A true sense of wellbeing. To rediscover who I really was. With challenges that would stretch me and that I was passionate about. And I wanted to be a great role model for my children.

In the past I tried using the picture board – it was a waste of time. I used hypnosis about 20 years ago to quit smoking and it worked, so I was open to the whole idea. I found Kerry on Google. I liked her blurb – was real, professional and personal. Reading her Case Studies I saw she had plenty of authentic successful clients. If I hadn’t seen Kerry I would still be a mess and actually getting worse.

I came with an open mind and couldn’t wait to see her after we had a very exciting phone call. I found entire program and process to be completely life-changing. I’m now calm, focused, far more motivated. I’ve left behind the baggage that was holding me back. I’m now on track and very excited about the future. I’ve enrolled in a course that will lead me in whole new direction. Something I am passionate about and see a very bright future for myself and my family.

And those around me have said I’m a much nicer person to be with. Now I truly value myself and have confidence in myself. My mental health has improved out of sight. Kerry has delivered everything and more.

In the past I was stagnant and frustrated now I’m excited about the future looking forward to challenges and creativity. Kerry has given me a strategy for life that works. By tapping into my conscious but more importantly my unconscious mind. That’s the beauty of hypnosis.

The journey has just begun! It’s exciting fun, enlightening, awakening, enjoyable and extremely fulfilling. I would just like to say thank you Kerry and I look forward to seeing you for a tune up in the next 3 months. Life’s fantastic – bring it on!!