Kathryn Heagney – Life’s curveballs.

Used to be a good athlete – At 67 in bad shape!

I’m 67 and been an athlete all my life. Always fit and healthy. Have been an 800 meter running champion. Up until October 2016 when I noticed following the world games I was having a few issues. I noticed I wasn’t coping with life the way I used to. I felt down, sad, out of sorts. I know I wanted help to get back on track so to speak. Then it got worse. I couldn’t sleep, was crying a lot, felt anxious and stressed much of the time.

I decided not to go down the drugs path as I knew that wasn’t the answer. I found Kerry by searching doctor Google after I realised I was in the worse situation of my life. When I rang her I wasn’t sure about how it all worked. Kerry explained thoroughly about self-hypnosis and how the entire process and program of working together worked to ensure my success. I decided this was for me.

During our sessions together when we did the hypnotic part Kerry would do this thing at the end, that’s the only way I can describe it. And it was the icing on the cake, the full stop. Then I just lifted. Lighter in mind, body and spirit. I still have that lovely light feeling.

My mindset has changed dramatically. From lowest of the low to feeling happy. Other people comment not just on the way I am but on the way I look. Have been asked, “ Have I had some work done?”

Now, I have accepted that I have retired and am happy with my past performance. I’ve stopped trying to prove things to myself and others. Living in the moment and stopping to smell the roses. Now accepting me as I am and that’s just fine.