I’ve lost 15cm off my waist! Happy and proud of me! – Kylie Thomsen


When I first came and sat in Kerry’s very comfy chair, I was coming with heaps of baggage. Feeling very depressed within myself and in a rut. I couldn’t see a way forward.

As the weeks went by, working with Kerry, I felt relieved not depressed anymore. I felt happy and relieved I could see a way out. I was excited about my life ahead. Having left the PTSD in the past where it belonged. I was ecstatic about the future about what was to come. Now I take every day as it comes. Being proud of who I am, proud where I’m going.

It wasn’t hard, once you got into my mind. I felt like I was already halfway there. I no longer try to even tempt myself. My mind is now set in a completely different and good way. I came in at about 105 kilos, now after only a few weeks of a new mindset, I am proud to say I am at 97 kilograms.

More importantly, I have lost 15 cm off my waist. Now I can comfortably fit into size 16 pants before it would have been size 22 at least.

I was close to throwing out my size 16 pants I am so glad I didn’t. Because in the past I could never imagine fitting into them again. How wrong I was. Now I’m proud of who I have become how far I have come and looking ahead to the future.

I’m now excited about getting into the kitchen and creating different healthy meals from good healthy nutritious fresh food that is so easy simple and time efficient. This I would never have done before. Finding out now what different foods actually tastes like. For example, spelt pasta it’s brown as it cooled he got lighter. I tried it and it’s better than what I used to eat.

Now I move so much more freely, not just physically but emotionally. Now I have freedom in my mind clouds all gone. More positive, confident and content within myself.