It’s not about willpower! -Trish

I was feeling fat and frumpy. Didn’t like looking in the mirror at the ‘rolls’. Those bread rolls kept getting in the way of me doing the things I wanted to do. Every time I looked in the mirror it was a constant reminder that I didn’t like the way I looked or felt inside my own skin.

Looking on the internet I chose Kerry because she had a landline number. (So many have only mobile numbers and come across as less than professional.)Somehow Kerry’s landline and address felt ‘more real’.That feeling was vindicated when I spoke with her.

I started by saying “I wanted to tweak my willpower.” Kerry stopped me there and then and told that using willpower was the exact opposite of what we wanted to do. Willpower means force and that you are working against your best interests! That caught me by surprise but showed she is a straight shooter.

After our 20-minute phone conversation, I thought wow!! I was so energised and couldn’t wait for my first session. The whole journey was fun.

Now I can enjoy eating all this beautiful fruit. The child within is very happy, laughing and smiling a lot. The adult is smiling as well. All playing in the sandpit together.

I am sleeping so much better than in mega time. The future is very exciting for me. And it all starts with breakfast. Clearing the old clutter and creating a new mindset, easily and effectively. My recovery after massive beach walks with hubby while on a recent holiday was great. Hubby was still puffing and panting while I was going strong and back to normal at the end. I was surprised and impressed by just how quickly I recovered. Now I surge up those hills.
I am chuffed by what I have achieved in such a short time. And know it will get even better.