It’s my journey and love every bit of it! – Tania Pierce

In the past, I’d tried lots of things that didn’t work. Gyms, weight watchers, diets, Jenny Craig. I even had a session with the doctor who put me on a drug and yes I lost 8 kgs but put it all back on and more. I thought “I’m sick of this. I need to do something that’s going to work for me for a lifetime.

In the past, I wasn’t in control. These external things were imposed upon me. But now I’m in control. I can look at it and say yes I can have that or no I don’t want that. I listen to what my body tells me. Now I “crave” foods that are healthy, rather than no, I really don’t like that.

In the past, I would eat unhealthy because it was a habit. Now I go “I don’t like that”. Now I don’t even look for it. Now I have the granola and fruit you recommended and I enjoy it. Bananas, blueberries and other complex carb fruit. When I go out for breakfast, I choose a very nutritious option most of the time but sometimes I have bacon and eggs. Which is fine and say hold the toast. Which is fine and I really enjoy it.

Happy with it all. No snacking, three healthy meals a day. Taking the time to prep. Not rushing. Am thinking ahead of time what I’m going to have. I make the time because good nutrition is propriety. I am no longer fixated on food. Now I listen to my body and eat when and how it tells me to.I can go to a servo and fill up with fuel, looked around and just walk out! In the past, I would pick up a couple of dim sims, but not anymore.

I was given a jar of nuts and my partner said: “Look at all those nuts”. He wanted to give them away. I went no we’re keeping them. And I’m going to have them.

I went shopping to buy some new pajamas. I bought these 2XL thinking these will fit. Took them home. Tried them on and thought, “OMG these are huge”. So I took them back and got another pair that fitted me nicely. Several sizes smaller. I felt great. Am starting to buy new underwear and clothes that fit me better. Of course all in much smaller sizes. More fitted.

I did jump on the scales and have lost 5 kgs in 6 weeks. But more in measurements. I’m interested in looking at the scales but thought it would be interesting to see. I’m just continuing to do what I’ve been doing and I’m happy. I want to try a few new things. So I go through the recipes and find a new one.

The big difference between this and the past is that now I’m in control. Internally directed. I feel great. Mentally, emotionally, physically. My partner is also on board. He goes, do you want to go here or there. He’s conscious of what I’m having. So that helps both of us overall. I’m not getting the backlash of any kind. He’s chosen to make some changes. And will continue to get on board.

I have been saying for the last 4 days I want to get into that pantry and have a massive clean out and clean up. Happening this weekend. Since doing this program I’m not baking. So much more time. But canisters of flour and sugar to be thrown out.

I’m very happy with what we’ve been doing. Not a problem at all. It’s been fantastic, enjoyable. I haven’t had any I don’t want to go today. I’m going that’s it. It’s my journey. And I’ve loved every bit of it. And it will just keep going.