It’s been amazing. Different Mindset. The weight loss is a bonus – Rhiannon Blacker

 How hypnotherapy helped me lose weight

I searched on Google and thought ok. I’ll try it. Sent the mail and then you rang. It was quick and easy. I didn’t want to do much. I wanted the easy way out. And that’s not what this is. It’s a whole change in everything, not just something that works for 5 minutes and then turns off.

For me, it’s something I needed a bit of a clearing out I guess. I was kind of lost with not knowing what to do I guess. I’d done every diet. Keto, weight watchers, fasting, shake diets all that stuff. Nothing worked. It would work for a couple of days and then back to “I’ve done so well for 4 days I’m going to have 3 days of seriously stuffing myself.”


But this time for me it was, obviously wanting to lose weight but much more about being healthy. Now I feel 100% better. I don’t, I used to pull myself out of bed, I was very sluggish, very unhealthy, feeling unhealthy.
Now I feel like I’m 16 again. I can run around with the kids again. And I’m 37!

I don’t feel heavy after I’ve had a meal. I used to feel heavy. I even turn to that old stuff anymore.

Christmas and New Year. As you said it’s not about not having it. I just find myself not wanting it. Even if on Saturday night we can go out for tea or whatever I find myself looking for the salad.

I was always trying to get the kids to eat healthily. We eat a lot of fruit. My son now cuts up the fruit and veggies for tea. They don’t have Macca’s anymore! Friday was Macca’s day. I still do them wedges in the air fryer but it’s not Macca’s.
I don’t have any soft drink or sausages anymore I just don’t feel like it.
My husband thinks all this is hideous. There’s no food that he can eat in the cupboard anymore. So he has now turned to peanut bars and carrots! It’s been a whole family thing I guess. I used to eat terribly unhealthy. A lot of ice-cream, soft drink. That was it. There wasn’t any fruit.

I used think I wouldn’t eat that stuff, (fruit, fresh whole foods, 4 bean mix!).

My old great uncle, he used to say you were a weirdo if you eat that stuff. But it’s not like that. If you have a taste of it, you think this is actually quite nice. And the kids love the beans. Put corn in it as well for them and they just eat it all.

I think because I’m so busy it’s feeling well again. After not feeling well at all. Now getting up earlier. I used to sleep late. Like Sundays would be my sleep in day. Some days I would sleep into 10 or 11 o’clock. Now, I’m up with the kids every morning. Even Sundays which were sleep in day I now get up with the kids. Like yesterday we were up and out 7 o’clock yesterday, Sunday.

Different Mindset. Out doing stuff, instead of lounging around at home, being too tired to do anything.
It’s been amazing, really good for me. Much more for the health side. The weight loss has been a bonus for me.