I’m up for it! Sam Marshall

I’m up for it! When I play Kerry’s audios I get a funny feeling in my feet! Like they are not attached and feel very light. My hands and arms also feel very light. When you talk about my face I feel like there is a wave comes down my face and all my muscles are relaxing.

I love the audios. It’s a great way to get your mind to think about things in a different way. Like the way, you use the car analogy. It’s really specific. Having said that I fall asleep most of the time.

Am looking forward to be more imaginative in using fruits and vegetables. The recipe ideas are great as a starting point to think outside the box, rather than being limited by it. Have come from a diet restrictive mentality this program has allowed me to let go of that. And just go with the flow. Listening to my body telling me what it wants and needs.

Thought I didn’t like bananas and strawberries and had never eaten a blueberry. So now by letting go of that old mindset and embracing the new one I am excited to try out my first nutritious fruit-filled smoothie. And enjoy eating seasonal fruits. I’m up for it!! The granola makes it much more appealing. The thought of just eating strawberries doesn’t do it for me.

A few weeks ago I picked up a bad virus from my husband. But kept to my healthy eating, easily. The surprising thing was that I didn’t get anywhere near as unwell as he did and I have recovered much quicker. 6 weeks on and he is still in a bad way. This shows that the detox and nutritious foods have allowed my body to rebuild and repair itself. With a stronger immune system and more resilience. Whereas in the past I would have gone back to eating rubbish as you tend to do when sick. Not this time. Things are different.

I gave my partner the white pasts that he normally eats and some of the healthy spelt pasta that I was having ended up on his plate. And he didn’t even notice that he was eating healthy pasta. Next, we’ll be introducing healthy wild rice onto his fried rice dish that he loves, hiding it of course and I’m sure he won’t even notice it.

I am looking forward to continuing this much healthier lifestyle. Feeling better, improved fitness. Comfy in my own skin. Much more confident in myself in all ways. Going places and events and enjoy it. Without worrying about how you look. Being proud of myself. Adding another 10 good quality years to my life as well. Enjoying each moment.

Having a whole new outlook on life, and an enjoyable one. A better appreciation of good, nutritious food. Until this program, I have not been imaginative about food in my life. Moving forward I am excited to step outside the past and be creative in all sorts of ways.
Thank you so much, Kerry.