I was an egotist and had no idea – Larisa Wasiljew

Hi Kerry, I was being an egotist, and didn’t know it!

From the first phone call with Kerry, she identified a problem I had, I was a bit of a people “pleaser”, and personally I didn’t know that is was a problem. Even now I remember Kerry saying I needed to be the driver of my actions and she kept saying “I feel, I need and I choose”. That really resonated with me, when I started my session with her, I found that hypnotherapy Kerry style is about talking to and listening to my subconscious, as it really does know what is best for me.

Sessions focused on retraining me to recognise my body’s signals and challenging me to recognise when I was full, bored, emotional or whatever was going on for me.

Going back to the egotistical thing, I am happy to say that it is no longer a bad thing for me, managing this has helped me to manage my eating. I now honour myself and don’t put myself in a position where I end up being resentful for saying yes when I really wanted to say no, of course, it is with kindness and respect I am retraining others how to treat me. I am happy and content with the way I live my life now and see that this is very sustainable.

A big bonus, I’ve got two for the price of one! Along with the homework Kerry gave me she gave me self-hypnosis tapes to reinforce each session, I listen to these as I go to sleep, and as the dog sleeps in the same room, I think he also is losing weight :-).
Warm regards, Larisa.