I wanted to say a warm thank you. – Bernadette

Good Morning Kerry,

I just wanted to say a very warm thank you for supporting me over the past few months and helping me to reorganize my thoughts and plan my life better. As you have become to know me and my busy lifestyle, or as you put it a gypsy lifestyle ( due to working a living in different locations) I had gained weight and lost some control.

Like most 2020 has been a year of reflection, changes and uncertainty. I reflected on the year that was ending in 2020 and realized and wanted to change habits that had snuck into my life. Weight gain, which was zapping my energy levels. I had heard about hypnotherapy through my work as being a nurse, being used to help with pain, quitting smoking. I did further research and realized it would be a good fit for me.

You have nurtured me through the process of helping me to plan, organize my thoughts. I have started the journey to a better me, I have changed eating habits, which has helped me gain and sustain energy throughout the day to achieve my goals.
Thank you