I lost 6 kgs in the first weeks – Bindi Hartford

6 kgs with hypnosis weight loss

My journey brought me to Kerry. I’ve done the diets beforehand which I failed at. Lost lots of weight then put it all back on and more. I reached a point in my life I needed to try something different. I researched many times hypnotherapy for weight loss. Googled Kerry and she has been my savior.

I’ve had a great journey. It’s been a fantastic experience over the weeks and months. I’ve learned a lot of things about myself and I can pass so much of that knowledge onto my own family. It’s about getting that mindset right. I’ve found it very easy. I adapted to all the food and exercises and it’s second nature now. It’s my life now. It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle and I’m so glad that Kerry came into my life.

I feel a lot happier in myself, a lot more confident. Now tackling situations where in the past I would have turned to food I’m not now. I handle those situations in a more appropriate way.

I did lose about 6 kgs in the first few weeks. Now the scales are gone and I can feel my clothes are looser and can wear smaller sizes now. At the weekend we did the family thing about our child’s sport. When we got home instead of just going inside and doing nothing as I would have done in the past we were out in the garden all day pruning, moving trees, chopping stuff back and mowing. Came inside much later still feeling energetic.

This month has been a very big month for birthdays. I made the right food choices for me and didn’t worry about celebrating with them. And I enjoyed a glass of champagne, which I do enjoy. I’m really excited about the future.