I just didn’t feel comfortable any more! Name withheld by request.

From a young age, I struggled with being overweight and obese. I tried weight watchers in the past for quite a long time. I’d be able to stay on it for a short period but never able to maintain it. I’d always end up off track again. It was something I was on and then would come off it. It simply wasn’t doable.

I wanted to be a better role model for my son. Because I’m aware of how much I was eating. And I don’t want him to think that that’s normal to eat that much. I’m working casual and shift work and that’s hard. In the past prepping meals beforehand isn’t something I did. It was always last minute and throwing something together.

I just didn’t feel comfortable in my own body anymore. So I searched Google found you and booked. After that first session, I didn’t know if I would be able to maintain eating healthy nutritious foods. That new mindset. Worried about how I would go without all the bread and other things I used to eat that were harming my body.

But I feel amazing. I don’t have reflux anymore. I’m not getting headaches, bloating and pain because I’m eating better.

My son loves the fruit that I’m eating. My face looks better. I’m in a better mood. And not hungry between meals. I can’t imagine eating or being any other way now. My friends wanted to go out for dinner. I found a really healthy place. But they wouldn’t go there. They chose the local pizza place! I found a warm vegetable salad that had spinach, quinoa, and sweet potato. It was filling and delicious. I’ll make it again at home myself.

I make the audios work for me. Fit in around work and my son’s nap times.

It’s been that long since I last exercised, at least a few years that I didn’t realise that it would be so physical. I’m a few years older as well. So hopping on the exercise bike finding that my backside was sore after 5 minutes and sweating like anything. But within a few days was feeling much better about exercising and exercising for longer. Am enjoying now and have joined the pool and will start doing laps.

I definitely feel more in control. And just physically not feeling nauseated every day. Now I feel normal.