I feel awesome! – Brent Howden

I don’t have that addiction to smoking any more. I am free. Not tight across the chest. I have a healthy colour in my face. Lucy, my wife can’t believe it. Am just loving my fresh clean life. Went to see Kerry back in October.

I now have a high regard for what she does. I was sceptical and thought this was a lot of money. But no it was going up in smoke anyway and stealing my health and happiness.

I couldn’t be happier. Feeling so much healthier. Drinking a lot more water. Eating my granola and fruit each morning. Trying out all the recipes Kerry gave me for a more nutritious lifestyle. Easy. Chicken stir fry is my favourite. I’ve dropped a lot of weight. Looking good. Can’t believe I’ve gone from a smoker to non-smoker just like that. 90 minutes job done.

I now enjoy my fishing trips with the boys, who are still stuck in that old habit. They puff away and I remain happily non-smoker. I doesn’t bother me at all. Even did a pub trip over Christmas, all good.

I was a sceptic at first. But now I’ve never felt healthier or happier. Proud of me now.