How I banished that gambling habit that was ruining my life – Faye Nadort

Gambling gone with hypnotherapy

I was feeling “less” than I was because I had that gambling habit. I used to say I wish I was like someone else. Then the day my husband was in hospital I had been to the pokies when he was in the hospital. I lost a lot of money. I felt so bad, so guilty. I burst into tears and thought I have to do something, I can’t go on like this.

I found Kerry on the internet. I looked at a few but Kerry talked specifically about gambling and that’s what I was looking for. Help with gambling. It had been a problem for the 20 years. Started off with $20 through the pokies as a bit of fun. My husband would go to work and I would go to the club for the day. I was bored. Kids had left home and all I had was the house. I tried to get help years ago. I went to a gambling seminar but they just talked to me saying go home a do some knitting. That does not help. After that, I would go whenever I could. There was a lot of lying and deceit. Feeling guilt and shame. I couldn’t sleep.

I remember one day when I spent all the money in our savings account and rang my husband and said “I’m not coming home,” I felt so ashamed as I’d spent all our money. I was hurting him and myself.

I wanted to change because I didn’t feel that I wasn’t worth much. So ashamed. Since meeting Kerry I just don’t want to gamble anymore. I want to and am enjoying life so much. Going on trips with my husband. I feel so proud of myself. It’s about me having a fulfilling life. I feel like I can do anything.

Can go to the club have tea and then go home, easy. Because I’m not interested in the pokies anymore. Now I know we are saving up for our trips. After 46 years of marriage, we spend more time together and I’m honest and open with my husband. Now I treat myself.

I am surprised by the outcome and just how easy it’s been. It’s about wanting to do it. Not need to or what others say you should do. I couldn’t do it on my own. And it’s worked. I can feel the difference inside and I’m so happy. My husband told me how proud he is of me for having quit gambling for good. Every time I come home from the club now I’m so proud of myself. I can buy whatever I like.

When you gamble you don’t enjoy it even when you win. You come home with this headache. And a heavy feeling and it’ awful. It’s guilt, shame and feeling trapped.

I can tell you I’m so proud happy with myself. I’m headed to a bright, happy future.