Felt sluggish -Shirley Treble

Same old story – from tired to energetic with hypnosis

Same old story with everyone I think. Tried all the diets. I might last for a week. But then go off track. My motivation this time was that I turned 60 last year. And felt sluggish and I thought this is a wake-up call to do something. I’d heard about hypnosis but I thought “I don’t know about that”. You see it on the TV and think they might be telling you anything but no. And I’m so pleased with the program and results. Kerry’s been amazing.

I found Kerry very easily. Google search in Bendigo. My family is in Bendigo but I live 3 hours away in Rainbow. I look forward to the drive down each weekend. It good to come and see the family, kids, and grandkids.

So just looked it up on Google and my daughter lives in Golden Square and thought Kerry will do. And I’m so pleased I found Kerry. I’ve paid a lot of money to do this. But well, well worth it and it motivates you more as you are investing in yourself. I’ve paid this money but it’s a good investment as far as I am concerned.

I’ve been on this journey for 6 weeks and lost 6 kilos and feeling so much better for it. And I just can’t believe how easy it was because in the past I used to snack all the time and I liked my alcohol. And in the last 6 weeks, I’ve only had 2 drinks of beer and that included Christmas and New Year.

I do like my coffee especially when out shopping with someone. But don’t even look for it now. I do treat myself maybe once every 3 weeks if I am out shopping I think I’m going to have a cappuccino. And that’s fine I know I’ve had my cappuccino and don’t look for it.

I used to like my bread. Having up to 6 slices a day! Now I’ve not had any bread since starting this program. Feeling so much better for it. Not bloated anymore. From within I feel light and different in a good way.

I travel a lot and in the past would just grab whatever from the bakery on the run. Yesterday I had a big trip from Rainbow to Tongala. And I thought “what am I going to do to eat”. I’ll have my smoothie for breakfast. I had a treat in Echuca which was quiche and salad. And then I wasn’t hungry for the rest of the day. So you can do it. It’s not that hard. People say They haven’t got time. You have got time. It’s not that hard. So I’m really happy and proud of myself.

The audios are really good. To start with I was looking forward to then every night. Slowed down a bit now and that’s because I feel I’m on track. Back in control enjoying life. Feeling so much better. Sluggish is a thing of the past. Really good really happy.


My daughter says ”Good on you Mum, you’re looking good.” My son has also encouraged me. When I first told them I was being hypnotised they said: “What do you want to do that for?” But I thought I’ll give it a go and I recommend it to anybody.

Now I feel confident in myself. Because I wasn’t always a confident person. I just know what to think and do to feel energetic and great. Am defiantly taking better care of myself now. As am listening to what my body is telling me. I get up and go for my walk. After dismissing the “I can’t be bothered” thought. It’s only half an hour but a brisk walk. And I’m so pleased I’ve done it when I get home.

When I go out I’m making the right choices for me. Not feeling deprived at all which really surprised me. Because I thought it was going to be hard. Because it had been in the past and I thought I ate healthily. But you do learn a lot about what is really good for you and how your works. Now I listen to what my body tells me. So I haven’t found it hard at all. Appreciate all you’ve done for me, Kerry.

The ease of seeing Kerry because even if you do live 3 hours away and you might not have family here there are other options. Skype Facetime. So there is no excuse if you really want to do it, it’s achievable.