Bree Rennie – Freedom, to thrive not just srvive!

I had done every diet – I was desperate for a solution – found it in Kerry

The last year of my life has been a whirlwind, loads of changes, lots of stress. I put on extra weight and was keen to be able to fit into the old clothes again. To have loads of energy rather than just dragging myself through the day. I was in survival mode, emotionally and physically. I wanted to feel good inside my own skin and be proud of myself.

I had done every diet under the sun and was a yoyo dieter. Go on diet lose it, come off diet and regain it all again! I knew this wasn’t doing me any good.

With two young boys I had little energy to run around and play with my children. I couldn’t fit into my clothes. I felt uncomfortable. Had low self-esteem, was often anxious and worried that people would judge me by how I looked.

A friend had been to see Kerry to quit smoking and it worked. It occurred to me do weight loss as well. I had decided it was time for a positive change in my life.

When I rang Kerry I was sceptical because I thought I was enjoying eating crap!! That I couldn’t see myself living without it! How misguided I was. As now I have no desire for crap of any sort. I sent to friend’s birthday a few days ago and was totally indifferent to the cake. Because I felt pleasantly full in a good way.

In the past I would have dieted and eaten toxic sugar, in all its different guises, which left me feeling empty all the time. Now I refuel with racing car fuel. Am satisfied and have loads of energy for my children and fit much better into my clothes. I am so proud of myself. No more preoccupation with food. I eat to live.

I wake up ready for the day. Enjoying my exercise and running! I have so much energy and feel so much better and more comfortable in myself. I can taste food like never before. My taste buds have come back to life. I do the mowing of our large yard in one go now. Before it was very stop start and I just physically couldn’t do it!!

Thanks so much Kerry so giving me back control of my life in so many ways.
Bree Rennie