My last resort – Shane Craig

I came to Kerry as a last resort about 5 months ago. A friend has recommended her to me. I had serious alcohol problems that were affecting every aspect of my life. On antidepressants since 1995 and sleeping tablets as well. I was a mess.

After my first session with Kerry it didn’t take long to notice the difference. I started to be motivated to do things, rather than just sit around all day wasting my time! Before Kerry I was at my wits end, I couldn’t be bothered doing anything.

I took solitude in the bottle. Drinking heavily throughout the day. Now have 2 or 3 drinks a night and enjoy it. From drinking lots every day, 10+ to the point where I choose to control it.

I was taking antidepressants every day since 1995. Now I haven’t had one in months.

Now I feel more worthy. My wife is happy with how I am now too. I have sold stuff that was cluttering up my shed and made enough money to restore an old car, which I am passionate about. In the past I had no patience and would fly of the handle at any and everything. Saying “ F… it” and head to the fridge.

My days are now organised, busy and exciting with my various projects. Of course life has its ups and downs but now I go with the flow. Living each day to the full. I see the future as something it should be and how I want it to be and how I choose to create it. I went back to Kerry for a “tune-up” after 3 months. Well worth it. Will continue with tune-ups, just as I do with my cars, to make sure my life is on track now and in the future.