So many people have said how good I look now! – Christine Slatter

I feel good in my own skin and look good too! I love hypnosis!

I knew I had to do something. I thought I knew what to do but in fact I was going about it the wrong way! I spoke to a friend at work, we work in the health services ironically. I don’t know how we got onto it but she told me she had been to seen Kerry and the hypnosis program had worked and she quit smoking! She was thrilled with the outcome and suggested I talk with Kerry. Gave me her name and number.

I love hypnosis!! But I’d had hypnosis before, with someone else, and it didn’t work. Now I say “Thank heavens”. From Kerry I got so much more! She gave the knowledge about blood sugar. How much is actually hidden in the products we buy, scary. How we are on that roller coaster ride of sugar highs and lows and how that impacts how well or not we function physically and emotionally.

This was a whole mind and body program which I wanted, got and more besides. The whole experience, every session was wonderful, as I felt I was getting the help and more importantly the knowledge and control from my unconscious that I needed.

I felt grateful and relieved once I had spoken with Kerry and booked my appointment. She addressed my questions with answers that made sense. I knew then and there that Kerry would unlock my unconscious mind!!
Prior to this I always thought it was self-sabotage but in fact it was a lack of knowledge about blood sugar, hormones and the biggy, how our minds work. In the past I was confused. Some days were so good. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t maintain it. What I didn’t know then that I now know is that I was in fact on a roller coaster ride of hidden sugar highs and lows. I thought I ate pretty well.

Now I have control and understand the whole mind body connection idea. Truly powerful stuff. I LOVE CONTROL. Occasionally I have flashbacks but now feel disconnected to them – just not interested and more. I don’t want to eat that because I know how I used to feel. Very uncomfortable and guilty.

Now I plan for that treat mean and look forward to it. I don’t ‘hang out’ for it. I can have it at any time. I don’t feel deprived at all. In fact I have a lovely satisfied feeling. And thoroughly enjoy cooking and eating my meals. My moods are far more stable now as well.

This is the best investment in me I ever made!

Everyone at work has commented on how good I look! I can see and fell how much better my skin is. On the inside as well. I don’t feel toxic anymore.I feel wonderful, vibrant, truly alive. Enjoying exercising even more with my mouth closed! Ask Kerry about this one.