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Testimonial – 240

*I gave up. It was easy. I’m saving money and enjoying life more. Feeling a whole lot healthier. So relieved at not smoking ever again. Read more

I regained control – thanks to hypnosis and Kerry

*My life has changed so much for the better in this short time. In ways I had never considered. Thank you so much for helping me regain control of my life. Read more

Easy to quit smoking with hypnosis

*I’m loving my new healthy lifestyle. Who would have thought quitting smoking could be this easy. Read more

I quit with hypnosis, no cravings, no withdrawals

Wow, it’s been three months now and no cravings at all. Before I couldn’t even comprehend the thought of being smoke-free. Read more

One hypnosis session and I quit smoking after 40 years!

*Hi Kerry, I thought it was about time I thanked you for assisting me to stop smoking. I smoked at least a packet of cigarettes a day for 40+ years. I would never have stopped if I hadn’t taken the leap making an appointment for a session with you. After only the single session with... Read more

I feel more alive than ever before, happy dayz!

*Thank you so much – I’ve changed my lifestyle – I feel great, my body feels more alive than ever before. Thinking so much clearer now, making better decisions. This has changed my life. Read more

Weight loss hypnosis has created a happier, healthier, lifestyle

*Losing weight meant my confidence improved, then I was promoted at work. Read more

Kerry does what no-one else does – to ensure your weight loss for good.

I couldn’t believe it. I lost 8.4 kg in the first week. You can go to all the weight-loss companies and they all do the same thing. Tell what you should be eating. What they don’t do that Kerry does is address the underlying problem for the overeating. Kerry delved into the problem of why... Read more

4everquit is a truly effective hypnosis program that really works

I thought this could be the way to stop smoking. I’m satisfied. I have recommended Kerry to others, 4everquit is an effective program that works. Read more

No desire to smoke anymore – who would have thought – it’s so easy to stop

I had no desire to light up. Starting about two days after I quit with your method, I could take a deep breath. My body feels better than it has for decades. I’ve had no desire to substitute anything for a cigarette. Read more