Our Case Studies & Success

Had hypnosis before – didn’t work – with your hypnosis I quit for good

*Bizarre is how to describe having hypnosis before. The guy kept rustling in his chair and I kept wondering what he was up to. And it didn’t work! Thanks for listening to my story and seeing me. So easy, so comfortable. Your back up session really took me to the next level. Read more

A friend recommended Kerry for hypnosis to quit smoking – I did very happy

*I’d seen a few weird hypnotists to quit smoking. But I walked out so stressed that I lit up straight away! A friend recommended Kerry. When I rang, she talked me through what happens and how it works. I saw Kerry about six months ago and have been a non-smoker since. I couldn’t be happier. Read more

Sleep like a top with Kerry’s hypnotherapy

*Listening to the CDs each night helps me to unwind at the end of a hard day. I sleep like a top. Read more

Stress and anxiety are left in the past with Kerry’s hypnotherapy program

*I listen to my iPod when out walking, it helps me relax, increases my energy and focus. What stress? The world seems brighter after only a few minutes. Read more

16 year old is now calm and relaxed thanks to your hypnotherapy program

*My 16-year-old daughter was having issues causing stress in the family. After listening to the CDs, relationships with my husband and daughter have all improved. Read more

Kerry cares about you and with hypnosis you can become the person you want to be

*I felt as though I had lost control of my life and my 16-year-old daughter was in crisis. I now am in charge of how my life is going to be. My relationships with my husband, daughter and son have all improved. Kerry cares about you as a person and genuinely wants you to become... Read more

I was in a constant haze of self doubt – hypnosis lead me to calm enjoyment of life

*I’ve stepped out of the haze, am calmer and enjoying life so much more. Read more

Thanks for the loss – weight that is!

*A big thank you for helping me achieve my goal in losing weight. Read more

Testimonial – 240

*I gave up. It was easy. I’m saving money and enjoying life more. Feeling a whole lot healthier. So relieved at not smoking ever again. Read more

I regained control – thanks to hypnosis and Kerry

*My life has changed so much for the better in this short time. In ways I had never considered. Thank you so much for helping me regain control of my life. Read more