Our Case Studies & Success

Thanks a million

Thanks a million Kerry, Enjoy your day. Read more

You’ve already exceeded my expectations with hypnosis

*Hi Kerry I have had no anxiety since leaving your place. I used to feel it as I breathed, although not knowing it was that – like breathing through a windpipe loosely stuffed with gauze would be one way of describing it. It feels so clear now and I have been standing around the place... Read more

You make your own luck – mine was finding your hypnosis program

*Thanks Kerry for giving me the tools to help me make the huge changes I have made in my life since we sat down and chatted so long ago. Next month will be two years since I broke my abusive relationship with alcohol and have never looked back on that life since. I feel great,... Read more

Hypnosis to quit worked in one session

I feel fantastic – after your quit smoking hypnosis program *Hi Kerry, Just wanted to let you know today is 3 weeks since I became a non-smoker on your program and I am feeling fantastic!!! Thank you so much! Read more

Sweet out savory in – thanks to hypnosis

*Hi Kerry, Just a quick hello to update you. I’m going really well, haven’t eaten processed sugar since we started. Don’t really feel any need to eat chocolate etc. In fact now I’m a bit of a savoury fan and must confess to a love of Cheezels on the odd occasion, which is probably just as... Read more

Thank you so very much

*Hi Kerry, I would just like to let you know that I am day 9 and doing very well. I haven’t needed to listen to the tape for reinforcement. Have had smokers around and feeling really great. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! Read more

Weight loss so effective, so different with hypnosis

*Hello Kerry, Just want to let you know that I have lost 10.5cm off my waist by following your plan. Read more

Flew to Hobart – all over it – comfortably bobbing away

*Hi Kerry, Flew to Hobart today and was totally all over it… Seatbelt sign was on the whole way as it was very bumpy. Some of the other passengers had to get vomit bags out due to the rough ride. I was totally comfortable bobbing away with it!!! So proud of myself… thank you. Read more

So easy to quit with hypnosis – would have done before if we’d known

*Dear Kerry, Just wanted to say thank you so much. If I had known how easy it was to be a non-smoker with you we would have done this years ago. Paul and I have had no cravings whatsoever. Anyway, thanks again. Read more

Thanks for all your help – bright shiny future ahead

*I GOT THE JOB!!! The pay is more than I get now and there are opportunities to increase and learn so much more. I am so excited for my future and where it will take me. Thank you sooooo much for all your help and advice. You have helped me make a clear choice and... Read more