Our Case Studies & Success

Hypnosis still effective after 4 years – thanks

*Hello Kerry. Another year has passed as a happy healthy non-smoker. Not sure now if it’s 3 years or 4 but I thank you once again. Read more

Quit Smoking – Debbie Keir

Debbie Keir talks about her extraordinary journey with Bendigo based Barnard Mind Solution’s hypnosis techniques. Quit smoking and enjoying a happier and more confident life. Read more

Quit Smoking – Bryan Jones

I am a 53 year old male, trade back ground, changed career paths 8 years ago now work in Aged Care. Had been a smoker since age 15. My problem was smoking and I was looking to achieve no longer being a smoker. It was negatively impacting on my health, impinging on my general enjoyment... Read more

I was blown away – hypnosis retrained my unconscious mind

It’s amazing – lost 6 kgs, more than halfway. *Hi Kerry, I am really enjoying the audios. I was a bit blown away when I went out last week for dinner to an Italian restaurant. Before I realised what I was doing I was moving down the menu looking for sauce options that were healthy,... Read more

Hypnotherapy with you 3 years ago – going great guns

*I just wanted to touch base and let you know it’s my anniversary today. Three years since I saw you and got hypnotherapy. Thank you so much again for changing my life. All is well and my business is going really well. My definite plan is in place and working well. Take care and I’ll... Read more

I don’t smoke _ Kerry did all that and more with hypnosis

*As a smoker of 41 years, I haven’t looked back in the last 22 months. I breathe better, haven’t put on weight and cope with stressful situations easily. Kerry did all that and more in one session. I don’t smoke! Read more

I now enjoy flying – Africa next stop

*Hi Kerry, Just wanted to touch base with you as have had a couple of flights of late. It had been 12 months since my Japan trip (two years since l had my first meeting with you) and am better than ever. l don’t listen to my audio you gave me much as l don’t have... Read more

Shed 10 kgs and loving the nutritious food I eat – great hypnotherapy program

*Hi Kerry, Almost 2 months on from my weight loss sessions and WOW is all I can say. I have shed 10kgs and am eating better than I ever have in my life. I am delighted with my progress and making better choices about what I eat. I have a lot more energy which helps... Read more

Feeling great and handle whatever comes along effectively

*Hi Kerry, Just a note to let you know that I am still a happy, healthy non-smoker after two and a half years. Life has been difficult at times, but I have not once thought that a cigarette would fix everything. Feeling great and able to cope with anything that comes my way day by day.... Read more

Thanks for the amazing job you did help my husband quit smoking

*Hi Kerry, Let me start by saying THANK YOU! For seeing Dave (my husband) last year. I love that your hypnosis worked to stop him smoking. It is amazing just how well it worked for him. Thank you again for the amazing work you did to help him quit smoking and for the future work... Read more