Our Case Studies & Success

My friend died from smoking

*My family thought I would be a smoker forever. They didn’t like it and nagged me to stop. A friend died from lung cancer and was the wake-up call I needed. My family supported my decision and in Kerry I found the answer. My family is amazed. Read more

Stopped smoking and life smells sweet

I no longer regard myself as a smoker or even a person who smoked. I have regained power of my life rather the cigarettes dictating where I eat, visit and how I feel. Plus – everything smells a whole lot better. Read more

90 minutes and I quit smoking

*My health was suffering badly. I needed to stop smoking quickly. No time for patches, etc. Hypnosis with Kerry was the effective answer. Health is slowly improving now. Thanks. Read more

Quit smoking after 20 years of smoking

*I have had hypnosis with Kerry Barnard Amor to stop smoking. Hesitant as I was, I was at the point of desperation, a smoker for twenty years. Ready to try anything. And, it worked! I just didn’t want to smoke. No mess. No fuss. Read more

No withdrawal, or cravings, no struggle with hypnosis to quit

*Cigarettes controlled me, no question about it. Then, after just one session with you I quit smoking. I had none of the withdrawal or cravings I had with other methods. It was, simply put, painless. Just knowing you would be there to assist me if I was struggling at all was a big relief. Knowing... Read more

Hypnotherapy is the wonder I found to quit smoking

*I am going really well with my non-smoking. Thanks Kerry you have done wonders. Read more