Our Case Studies & Success

The Today Show gave me the idea

I thought it would be really hard but it isn’t!! It’s easy and efficient. Even at the footy I recognised I was bored. In the past I would have eaten, (something not good for me), now I just went for a walk and had a change of scenery. No more bored. No inappropriate eating. Retraining... Read more

It’s not about willpower! -Trish

I was feeling fat and frumpy. Didn’t like looking in the mirror at the ‘rolls’. Those bread rolls kept getting in the way of me doing the things I wanted to do. Every time I looked in the mirror it was a constant reminder that I didn’t like the way I looked or felt inside... Read more

I just didn’t feel comfortable any more! Name withheld by request.

From a young age, I struggled with being overweight and obese. I tried weight watchers in the past for quite a long time. I’d be able to stay on it for a short period but never able to maintain it. I’d always end up off track again. It was something I was on and then... Read more

Centered on My Needs!- Vanessa Feeney

I originally came to Kerry seeking help from anxiety and wanting to experience a calm and productive mind. Through Kerry’s program, she helped me to take a step back, assess and contemplate any negative thoughts that arise and work through them in a positive and active way. I really responded to Kerry’s openness; the desire... Read more

My last resort – Shane Craig

I came to Kerry as a last resort about 5 months ago. A friend has recommended her to me. I had serious alcohol problems that were affecting every aspect of my life. On antidepressants since 1995 and sleeping tablets as well. I was a mess. After my first session with Kerry it didn’t take long... Read more

It’s been amazing. Different Mindset. The weight loss is a bonus – Rhiannon Blacker

I searched on Google and thought ok. I’ll try it. Sent the mail and then you rang. It was quick and easy. I didn’t want to do much. I wanted the easy way out. And that’s not what this is. It’s a whole change in everything, not just something that works for 5 minutes and... Read more

I’ve lost 15cm off my waist! Happy and proud of me! – Kylie Thomsen

  When I first came and sat in Kerry’s very comfy chair, I was coming with heaps of baggage. Feeling very depressed within myself and in a rut. I couldn’t see a way forward. As the weeks went by, working with Kerry, I felt relieved not depressed anymore. I felt happy and relieved I could... Read more

Felt sluggish -Shirley Treble

Same old story with everyone I think. Tried all the diets. I might last for a week. But then go off track. My motivation this time was that I turned 60 last year. And felt sluggish and I thought this is a wake-up call to do something. I’d heard about hypnosis but I thought “I... Read more

You are awesome- Priscilla Sovereign-Smith

I thought about living my life free of the destructive cycle I was in, every hour of every day. I knew I needed help with my mindset. I know this sounds like a cliché, but calling Kerry truly set me up for success. Through her program, she provides an amazing recipe for that success. If... Read more

My children love that she tells me to be quiet! – Mandy McKay

My daughter and I will continue to see Kerry. The four intensive sessions, with my daughter were effective and life changing. My daughter wanted more independence. Which has been encouraged. While also educating her in the additional responsibilities that comes with the additional independence. My daughter and I will see Kerry periodically to stay on... Read more