Our Case Studies & Success

Any Bells Ringing? – Christina Cross

I decided to see Kerry after suffering from tinnitus for 3 years. Every medical investigation had been done to try and decipher the cause and each time all tests came back completely normal. I had read that tinnitus can be directly related to your psychological and emotional state so I made the decision to deal... Read more

6 Years. It all goes so fast! – Trish Hurnall

Hi Kerry Hope you are well and surviving this awful time. All good here in Echuca as I reach 6 years of being smoke free. I feel so good and have never once been tempted. Can’t stand the smell of someone smoking. Haha. How many times did I do that to other people? Must be... Read more

I feel Awesome, Thanks Kerry Phil Pollard

Hi Kerry. Can you believe it’s now 6 years alcohol-free? The change in my life has been truly amazing. My business, which I started after seeing you, is growing at a rapid rate. We have a full-timer and a casual guy. My wife Courtney, has left her old job and is now in the office... Read more

I’m a non-smoker, feeling proud. – Darlene Bull

Hi Kerry, Just thought I’d drop you a note to say thank you for helping me become a non-smoker. I have had some days that are easier than others. Then the thoughts come to me about what to do. My kids keep laughing every time I tell them to, “have a GOOD drink. Not just... Read more

I feel awesome! – Brent Howden

I don’t have that addiction to smoking any more. I am free. Not tight across the chest. I have a healthy colour in my face. Lucy, my wife can’t believe it. Am just loving my fresh clean life. Went to see Kerry back in October. I now have a high regard for what she does.... Read more

It’s my journey and love every bit of it! – Tania Pierce

In the past, I’d tried lots of things that didn’t work. Gyms, weight watchers, diets, Jenny Craig. I even had a session with the doctor who put me on a drug and yes I lost 8 kgs but put it all back on and more. I thought “I’m sick of this. I need to do... Read more

I was an egotist and had no idea – Larisa Wasiljew

Hi Kerry, I was being an egotist, and didn’t know it! From the first phone call with Kerry, she identified a problem I had, I was a bit of a people “pleaser”, and personally I didn’t know that is was a problem. Even now I remember Kerry saying I needed to be the driver of... Read more

Smashed it! -Danielle Beaton

Hi Kerry Just wanted to let you know I smashed my exam on Friday. Got a perfect mark of 15/15. Thanks for all of your support in helping me get there. Read more

I’m up for it! Sam Marshall

I’m up for it! When I play Kerry’s audios I get a funny feeling in my feet! Like they are not attached and feel very light. My hands and arms also feel very light. When you talk about my face I feel like there is a wave comes down my face and all my muscles... Read more

I lost 6 kgs in the first weeks – Bindi Hartford

My journey brought me to Kerry. I’ve done the diets beforehand which I failed at. Lost lots of weight then put it all back on and more. I reached a point in my life I needed to try something different. I researched many times hypnotherapy for weight loss. Googled Kerry and she has been my... Read more