Our Case Studies & Success

7 bloody years sober! – Phil Pollard

Hey Kerry, 7 bloody years sober. Wow, I can’t believe it. Life is great, Business is great still growing even through COVID-19 which is a very positive sign. We have just brought a block of land to run the business from as a home base which is so exciting. I am so grateful for what... Read more

Noses are made for breathing, mouths for eating – Rose

Hi Kerry…. thank you for all your help. Your sessions have me on the right track. Changing my eating habits. Now I’m eating the correct types of food. I am feeling more confident and stronger in myself. I know this will help me lose the weight that I have been slowly putting on. My partner... Read more

I wanted to say a warm thank you. – Bernadette

Good Morning Kerry, I just wanted to say a very warm thank you for supporting me over the past few months and helping me to reorganize my thoughts and plan my life better. As you have become to know me and my busy lifestyle, or as you put it a gypsy lifestyle ( due to... Read more

Any Bells Ringing? – Christina Cross

I decided to see Kerry after suffering from tinnitus for 3 years. Every medical investigation had been done to try and decipher the cause and each time all tests came back completely normal. I had read that tinnitus can be directly related to your psychological and emotional state so I made the decision to deal... Read more

6 Years. It all goes so fast! – Trish Hurnall

Hi Kerry Hope you are well and surviving this awful time. All good here in Echuca as I reach 6 years of being smoke free. I feel so good and have never once been tempted. Can’t stand the smell of someone smoking. Haha. How many times did I do that to other people? Must be... Read more

I feel Awesome, Thanks Kerry Phil Pollard

Hi Kerry. Can you believe it’s now 6 years alcohol-free? The change in my life has been truly amazing. My business, which I started after seeing you, is growing at a rapid rate. We have a full-timer and a casual guy. My wife Courtney, has left her old job and is now in the office... Read more

I’m a non-smoker, feeling proud. – Darlene Bull

Hi Kerry, Just thought I’d drop you a note to say thank you for helping me become a non-smoker. I have had some days that are easier than others. Then the thoughts come to me about what to do. My kids keep laughing every time I tell them to, “have a GOOD drink. Not just... Read more

I feel awesome! – Brent Howden

I don’t have that addiction to smoking any more. I am free. Not tight across the chest. I have a healthy colour in my face. Lucy, my wife can’t believe it. Am just loving my fresh clean life. Went to see Kerry back in October. I now have a high regard for what she does.... Read more

It’s my journey and love every bit of it! – Tania Pierce

In the past, I’d tried lots of things that didn’t work. Gyms, weight watchers, diets, Jenny Craig. I even had a session with the doctor who put me on a drug and yes I lost 8 kgs but put it all back on and more. I thought “I’m sick of this. I need to do... Read more

I was an egotist and had no idea – Larisa Wasiljew

Hi Kerry, I was being an egotist, and didn’t know it! From the first phone call with Kerry, she identified a problem I had, I was a bit of a people “pleaser”, and personally I didn’t know that is was a problem. Even now I remember Kerry saying I needed to be the driver of... Read more