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The natural method Bendigo residents need to cure anxiety

This month we’re talking about anxiety and natural measures you can take to feel better. Did you know ‪‎hypnotism is an all-natural treatment for anxiety? There’s no medication involved and you’ll leave feeling calm, clear and collected. ‪‎I provide hypnotism for anxiety in Bendigo, so local residents and those who are willing to travel can take advantage of... Read more

Hypnosis for miners to cut alarming smoking rates

Reading through online reports this week has revealed horrifying statistics relating to the prevalence of smoking in the mining industry. The reports, Generic Health Surveillance – Lessons from WA and Smoking Rates in WA Mining, paint a frightening picture about the health threat to miners and the consequences for  mining’s contribution to the economy through... Read more

Bendigo residents turn to hypnosis to treat insomnia

Everyone sleeps, some better than others. Sleep is important to function at an optimal level and make important decisions at work and in life. Insomnia‬ can be linked to stress and anxiety, among other causes. I provide ‪hypnosis for insomnia in Bendigo, solving the underlying issues causing my clients to lose sleep. When was the last... Read more

Hypnosis for alcohol moderation and cessation in Bendigo

It’s easy to perceive successful people as having it all, they don’t have to worry about anything, they’re so smart, have a high-paying job and great place to live. The truth is, of course, that successful people have stresses and worries just like everyone else! And, in some cases alcohol is used to curb boredom away... Read more

Hypnosis to help prison staff quit smoking

From July 1 2015 a total smoking ban will apply to all prisons in Victoria. You will not be able to smoke cigarettes on the premises of any correctional facility from this date. When you consider the high volumes of prison staff who smoke, the reality is these staff really need to quit smoking prior... Read more

Hypnosis to quit gambling in Bendigo

GAMBLING. There are many ways to do it. Young and old can easily take up the habit with fast access to online gambling sources and plenty of betting venues across the state. It only takes one go on the pokies, one bet on a horse race, one game of poker, and a gambling habit can start... Read more

Hypnotism as a treatment for anxiety in Bendigo

At Barnard Mind Solution, we provide hypnotism for anxiety in Bendigo. If you are from further afield, of course you are still welcome to book an appointment at our practice. Since the New Year came in, we’ve heard a lot of people talking about New Year’s resolutions – how they wish to lose weight, quit smoking,... Read more

More suitable than Winkler Method to quit smoking in Bendigo

There’s been a bit of publicity lately for the Winkler Method to quit smoking in Bendigo and while we’re usually tight-lipped about criticising any programs that offer to help people quit, we need to point out that quitting smoking is much more than advertising hype and rash promises. People who want to know how to quit smoking need the... Read more

How to quit smoking in the New Year

The New Year is hurtling towards us and you might be starting to think about resolutions and goals you want to achieve in 2015. Maybe you’re wondering how to quit smoking. Well, if you’re based in Bendigo or are willing to travel to our practice, we have good news about how you can achieve your... Read more

Health benefits of quitting smoking

All smokers know the habit is bad for them. Many anti-smoking ads – print and TV – focus on the negative impact smoking has on your health. But do you know the health benefits of kicking the habit for good? Your body is incredible at repairing itself, but don’t put off quitting. The longer you... Read more