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Supporting push to quit smoking in Bendigo public places

Barnard Mind Solution is right behind city leaders and community champions pushing to help Bendigo quit smoking and make public events smoke-free following outrage about smokers at this year’s Easter festival. It’s no secret Bendigo has a smoking problem, with statistics showing that 13 percent of residents light up, and it’s imperative for community health... Read more

Hypnotherapy can help athletes after retirement

TV program Insight last night highlighted the problems many elite athletes in all sports face when retiring and prompted us to again consider the benefits of hypnotherapy for retiring athletes. Before their retirement, top-tier athletes’ whole identity was as that of an elite sportsperson. Their sense of self was what was reflected back to them... Read more

Quit smoking hypnosis reduces stress on Castlemaine prison workers

Castlemaine’s prison guards are in high-stress positions and often turn to smoking as a coping mechanism. With a blanket ban on smoking in prisons, many guards, officers and prison staff are struggling to kick the habit and make it stick. If you want to break the habit permanently, quit smoking hypnosis is designed to address... Read more

Echuca, quit smoking for World No Tobacco Day

With World No Tobacco Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to jump the gun and quit smoking in Echuca. Hypnosis for smoking is a safe, fast-working solution – so you can celebrate your new non-smoker status and easily abstain from smoking on May 31. If you want to quit smoking, but... Read more

Bendigo weight loss hypnotism delivers long-term results

Make a permanent, positive change in your life with hypnotism for weight loss. Bendigo‘s Healthy Weight Week is a great reminder of the difference being healthy can have on your happiness and quality of life. If you want to make a change, Barnard Mind Solution’s weight loss program delivers results. Unlike other weight loss methods,... Read more

How to quit smoking for good in Bendigo

If you’re wondering how to quit smoking, Bendigo‘s Barnard Mind Solution is the answer. If you are determined to quit smoking for good, you’ll become a true non-smoker, not just a smoker trying not to smoke! Did you know smoking is 90 per cent habit? This is why the gimmicks – patches, gums and pills –... Read more

Ballarat, make weight loss your New Years Resolution & stick to it

Do you make the same New Years’ resolution to lose weight every year – and somehow find yourself thinking next year will finally be your year? If you’ve tried all the fad diets, detoxes and crazy exercise programs you can think of without success, weight loss hypnotherapy offers Ballarat residents a safe, natural and permanent lifestyle... Read more

Bendigo weight loss tips for Christmas

Christmas should be a time to relax, enjoy good food, drink and company. But if you’re worried about over-indulging at Christmas, hypnosis for weight loss teaches you how to make all important lifestyle and mindset changes – so you won’t feel like you’re depriving yourself, but you won’t have to worry about carrying the extra... Read more
Is there sugar in cigarettes?

Is there sugar in cigarettes?

That’s right. It’s the white processed sugar in cigarettes that’s prematurely aging and killing you. Smokers and diabetics are unaware of the sugar in smokes undermining their health. Consider this: World’s number 1 sugar customer – the processed food industry. World’s number 2 sugar customer – the tobacco industry. Medical World News states the sugar... Read more

Hypnosis to quit gambling before Bendigo’s race season

The Bendigo races are a hugely popular event for racegoers and punters. If you’re worried about the impact gambling has on your life and your wallet, hypnosis to quit gambling permanently deletes your compulsion to gamble – so you can enjoy a day out without the regret. Gambling can start out innocently enough – perhaps... Read more