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How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is self hypnosis. Highly focused, deeply relaxed and open to suggestions. Ever been lost in a good book or a good movie? It’s the hypnotic highway. Let’s use this to change your life. At Barnard Mind Solution we can help you. Read more

Is hypnosis done to me?

Hypnosis is not done to you by Kerry – it’s done with you. Kerry from Barnard Mind Solution is like your driving instructor. Read more

Quit smoking for good in Bendigo

Ever wanted to quit smoking, tried everything and nothing works? Don’t despair, if you truly want to quit you can. Barnard Mind Solution has helped hundreds of smokers change their lives forever. Read more

The importance of an open mind for positive change through hypnosis

Open your mind to the suggestions that are given. Open your mind, you have nothing to lose. Hypnosis can be wonderful in changing your life for the better. Open your mind and let those positive messages filter through your conscious and subconscious mind. Read more

Hypnosis to help with anxiety

The subconscious brain is an incredibly powerful tool that is rarely harnessed to its full potential. Suffering from anxiety? Call Kerry at Barnard Mind Solution. Located in Bendigo, servicing Australia. Read more

Remote hypnotherapy for weight loss

Weight loss in theory is incredibly easy, in practice in can be near impossible. Open your mind to the possibilities of what your mind can do for you with fully personalised remote hypnotherapy sessions, online or via remote sessions. Read more

I want to change – can hypnotherapy help?

Change comes from within. Barnard Mind Solution can help you achieve that change. A fully qualified hypnotherapist, Kerry has helped hundreds of people wanting to change their lives for the better. Read more

How my conscious mind works

Find out how the conscious mind works and how the subconscious mind can have such a positive impact on your day to day life. Read more

Stop binge eating through hypnotherapy

Over the last few decades, binge eating has become a common problem in many affluent societies around the world. Binge eating is different from having a little too much food at mealtimes. There’s a distinct, compulsive state of mind you go into when you binge. Where you fixate on the food and the consequences don’t... Read more

Does hypnotherapy for gambling work?

The quick answer is YES. If you want to beat the habit – gambling hypnotherapy reprograms your thoughts and subsequent actions. Gambling addiction can be crippling – it’s not called an addiction for no reason. You might feel like you don’t have a choice – but hypnotherapy for gambling gives you choices and allows you to... Read more