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Cigarette packaging ineffective in getting Australians to quit smoking

If you smoke, know someone who does or have ever smoked in the past you need to read this! A recent Australian study conducted by the Cancer Council Victoria shows a significant number of Australians remain unaware of the full range of health impacts smoking causes. Read the report. The government has finally owned... Read more

Anxiety and the cluttered mind

Is a cluttered mind stopping you from thinking clearly and making decisions? Hypnosis for anxiety shows you how to clear the clutter, so you can focus, relax and make better decisions. Read more

Becoming a non-smoker

Life changes fundamentally for the better when you become a non-smoker. Do you live in central Victoria and would you like to make that positive change in your life? Bendigo, Castlemaine, Shepparton or Echuca residents, call Kerry at Barnard Mind Solution. Read more

Hypnotherapy for better eating, really?

Hypnotherapy can help with weight loss on so many levels and it can also be done remotely via remote audio sessions or Skype. If you’re thinking “can hypnotherapy really change my eating habits?” – it’s incredibly powerful. Try it. Read more

How can I break my smoking habit in Central Victoria?

Break that smoking habit to achieve so much more in your life. Stress, boredom, a break and addiction are at the core of your smoking habit. What most people don’t know about the sugar in cigarettes. Hypnotherapy to quit smoking has helped lots of my clients in Central Victoria get the life they’ve always wanted. Read more

Boost your will power, it’s your choice

Will power needs help. Get the conscious mind and unconscious mind to work together to achieve that life you want. Hypnotherapy can help achieve so much in so many ways. Read more

Give up smoking, Central Victoria

Quit smoking with hypnosis. Barnard Mind Solution has been helping smokers like you kick the habit for good and move onto a healthier happier life. If you truly want to quit smoking, call Kerry at Barnard Mind Solution. It’s your choice. Read more

Golf swing is between the ears! Hypnotherapists can help

Golf is played between the ears. Hypnotherapists have been helping golfers for decades to improve their swing. Call Kerry now at Barnard Mind Solution to help you with your golf swing. Read more

Help to quit smoking

What benefits would you have being a non-smoker? A good parent, a sense of smell and taste, breathing easier, more energy. Hypnotherapy has worked for hundreds of Kerry’s clients and it can work for you. Call Barnard Mind Solution in Bendigo. Read more

Hypnotherapy to help with phobias

A phobia is an irrational fear that can be treated. Allow your mind to turn an irrational fear into a rational concept. Hypnotherapy can help. Kerry from Barnard Mind solution has been helping people with phobias. Clowns, dentists, flying and spiders are just some of the common things that can trigger phobias. Read more