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Quit smoking at home under self-isolation

Quitting smoking while self-isolating at home

It’s all about you! (Seriously it is.) Experiencing Cabin fever? Today, we are in unchartered waters. Scary times for many. Stuck at home, boredom, dysfunctional behaviours and cabin fever are taking hold. Anxiety and stress levels rising faster than Covid-19 cases. For example- smokers are smoking more than ever. With virtual hypnosis, you can quit... Read more

Weight loss with remote hypnosis sessions

Barnard Mind Solution have developed a remote weight loss programme that is tailored specifically to each individual. These individually targeted 15-minute weekly sessions delivered to you digitally are what you have been looking for. These hypnosis sessions will reprogram your brain and set you on a journey of sustainable weight loss and healthy living. Read more

Remote weight loss

Weight loss is simple. Incredibly simple. Eat healthy food in moderate quantities. There you go. That’s the simple part. The hard part is retraining you brain to do this. This live testimonial from Michelle is testimony to how powerful hypnosis can be in retraining your brain to eat healthy to make weight loss permanent. Read more

About Barnard Mind Solution, leading hypnotherapist

Barnard Mind Solution, one of Australia’s leading hypnotherapists helping with quitting smoking, weight loss, anxiety and more. Read more

The secret to weight loss

Who do you want to be? How do you want to look? It’s so hard to lose weight but it shouldn’t be. Talk to me now. I can help if you truly desire to be a healthier happier you. Read more

Trusting your unconscious mind

Hypnosis taps into your unconscious mind, which always has your best interests at heart and knows what’s best for you. So it’s important we choose to listen to it. Hypnotherapy can help you access and unlock the full power of your unconscious mind – for a happier, healthier you. Read more

Bendigo – find out why diets don’t work

Diets = deprivation = disaster. People on diets are going against what their unconscious mind is telling them to do, which is give the body the proper nourishment it needs to thrive. Hypnosis for weight loss gives you the power to choose the proper fuel to fire up your metabolism, so your body and mind... Read more

Why I gain weight when I try to give up smoking

Smokers often come to me saying they have gained weight when they’ve tried to quit smoking in the past, whether going cold turkey, trying patches, pills or other methods. This is because your body’s fuel levels plummet when you try to quit smoking, releasing the stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol. Instead of seeking healthy fuels,... Read more

Why is smoking so addictive? Sugar.

Sugar in cigarettes? Is it real and what impact does this have on my smoking addiction addiction? If you want to quit smoking and have questions, call Kerry at Barnard Mind Solution. Read more

Beat anxiety & stress for a clear mind & good decisions

Are you feeling anxious or stressed and can’t find the answer to a problem? The answer is there in your mind all along, but the clutter prevents you from seeing it. Hypnosis can help you open the door to your unconscious mind so you can break through the clutter automatically and on cue. Read more