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Weight loss for fitness

Weightloss for fitness

We often touch on the secret to weight loss at Barnard Mind solution, the ability to picture in your mind the person you want to be. So often, a big part of this picture of who you want to be imagines yourself doing those things that that you love doing. These doing ‘visions’ often require... Read more
the secret to weightloss for men

The secret to weight loss for men

The secret to long-lasting weight loss is not rocket science. In fact, it is rather simple. And the secret to weight loss for men is the same as the secret to weight loss for women. Think about and picture in your mind how you want to look feel move around the clothes you want to... Read more
Weightloss for a healthier you Bendigo

Weight loss for health Bendigo

Weight loss for health is one of the primary motivating factors I come across when dealing with clients here in Bendigo. What is your primary motivating factor for weight loss? Be it a special event such as a milestone birth date, a wedding (yours or someone else’s), simply wanting to feel better putting on your... Read more

Weight Loss for women- the simple secret

Have you ever had a friend or associate that has managed to lose that 15 kilograms or more? Have you noticed the radiance and joy and their grasp on the new healthy them? They are wearing new clothes and actively looking to do more activities. All the negative self-talk has disappeared. Their enthusiasm for life... Read more
Hynotherapy for Tinnitus

Hypnotherapy for sufferers of Tinnitus

Barnard Mind Solution provides qualified hypnotherapy services that assist clients in Bendigo and surrounding areas overcome issues and regain control of their lives. A recent client of ours approached us to help with her tinnitus, and by tapping into her unconscious mind in a safe and natural way, we were able to significantly reduce her... Read more
Mind Coaching Australia

Mind Coaching Australia; Tapping into your Unconscious Mind

Mind coaching is defined as the process of re-wiring or re-training the way an individual thinks and sees the world. So they can regain control of their lives. This can include emotional or mental health issues that have not responded to other treatments. Addictions and phobias. All of the everyday life issues we all face... Read more
Weight loss for summer

Weight gain after quitting.

Some people had had the experience of gaining weight when they tried to stop smoking. This is because of the processed sugar in the cigarette. Remember the roller coaster we spoke about in a previous blog? Well when a smoker tries to go “cold turkey”, the sugar levels plummet. Causing a sugar craving. But instead... Read more
Remote Hypnosis for Weight Loss - Barnard Mind Solutions

Weight Loss for Summer with Remote Hypnosis

Hypnosis for weight loss is a technique that helps individuals find a state of relaxation that allows practitioners to influence the state of the conscious and unconscious mind to change attitudes, behaviours and stop bad habits such as emotional-eating through mental imagery. This method has been used since the early 1700s and has various benefits... Read more
sugar in cigarettes

How to quit smoking even if you enjoy it

Many smokers say they smoke because they enjoy it! Even though they know, it’s stealing their health, happiness and robbing their hip pocket. So why is this so? It just doesn’t make sense! Well, as you’ve heard before every cigarette contains toxic processed/refined sugar. It’s added for two reasons. 1- To disguise the disgusting taste... Read more
1 Option

Still smoking after trying to quit?

This is especially true for those of you who are quite smart! The smarter you are the more easily you get bored. Does this ring any bells? Your mind craves distraction, novelty, so its go-to is smoking. It has become your default position when bored. This can be conscious boredom where you recognise it or... Read more