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Quitting Smoking

  • 10 years Kerry. I’d love to know how many lives you’ve helped change in this time. Love your work .

    Phil Pollard
  • Hi Kerry , I have just realised that I have passed the 4-year mark as a non smoker, and not once have I felt tempted !!!! Thank you again and again and again.

  • Haven't had a cigarette in over three years, thanks to Kerry.

    Shell Parker
  • Just letting you know that Darryl has now been a non- smoker for just over 12 months. He is doing really well and we are grateful for your help. Thanks Dianne

    Dianne Clarke
  • Hello Kerry. Another year has passed as a happy healthy non smoker. Not sure now if it's 3 years or 4 but I thank you once again.

  • As a smoker of 41 years, I haven't looked back in the last 22 months. I breathe better, haven't put on weight and cope with stressful situations easily. Kerry did all that and more in one session. I don't smoke!

  • Just a note to let you know that I am still a happy, healthy non-smoker after two and a half years. Life has been difficult at times, but I have not once thought that a cigarette would fix everything. Feeling great and able to cope with anything that comes my way day by day. Thank you again Kerry!

  • Let me start by saying THANK YOU! For seeing Dave (my husband) last year. I love that your hypnosis worked to stop him smoking. It is amazing just how well it worked for him. Thank you again for the amazing work you did to help him quit smoking and for the future work you will do with him.

    Gemma Brockie
  • It has been 14 months smoke free and I now have a little one. Thanks for making this possible by helping me quit. Best decision ever!

  • I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I am still a non-smoker!  It has been four weeks now and I never have the urge or want to have a cigarette, even though my husband is still smoking it doesn’t bother me which once would of been unheard of!!!  Other things have changed also; I don’t bite my fingernails anymore, I don’t get as stressed as I used to and I am exercising!!  And as well as the other benefits of being a non-smoker which we talked in depth about!  Thanks once again Kerry for helping me change my life for the better.

  • Haven't had a cigarette since you hypnotised myself and my partner on the 7th of May 2015. Thank you again.

    Shell Parker
  • I've tried patches, gum, pills and cold turkey to become a non smoker... Failing every time, one session with Kerry and I'm a non-smoker. Day 10 and I haven't had one craving or mood swing like I would have expected. For anyone wanting to start their smoke free lifestyle give Kerry a call!!

  • Just wanted to let you know today is 3 weeks since I became a non-smoker on your program and I am feeling fantastic!!! Thank you so much!

    Lisa Mitchell
  • I would just like to let you know that I am day 9 and doing very well. I haven’t needed to listen to the tape for reinforcement. Have had smokers around and feeling really great. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

    Lindsay McInnes
  • Just wanted to say thank you so much. If I had known how easy it was to be a non-smoker with you we would have done this years ago. Paul and I have had no cravings whatsoever. Anyway, thanks again.

    Shell and Paul
  • I could slap you and thank you! You said my energy would increase by 30%. I didn’t believe you! Now I have so much energy I don’t know what to do with it all. Have cleaned the house, done the garden, planned the cruise, what’s next? Bring it on.

    Mark May
  • Bizarre is how to describe having hypnosis before. The guy kept rustling in his chair and I kept wondering what he was up to. And it didn’t work! Thanks for listening to my story and seeing me. So easy, so comfortable. Your back up session really took me to the next level.

    Lisa Campbell
  • I’d seen a few weird hypnotists to quit smoking. But I walked out so stressed that I lit up straight away! A friend recommended Kerry. When I rang, she talked me through what happens and how it works. I saw Kerry about six months ago and have been a non-smoker since. I couldn’t be happier.

    Julie Hughes
  • I gave up. It was easy. I’m saving money and enjoying life more. Feeling a whole lot healthier. So relieved at not smoking ever again.

  • My life has changed so much for the better in this short time. In ways I had never considered. Thank you so much for helping me regain control of my life.

    Paul Sullivan
  • I’m loving my new healthy lifestyle. Who would have thought quitting smoking could be this easy.

    Cathy White
  • Wow, it’s been three months now and no cravings at all. Before I couldn’t even comprehend the thought of being smoke-free.

    John Swait
  • I thought it was about time I thanked you for assisting me to stop smoking. I smoked at least a packet of cigarettes a day for 40+ years. I would never have stopped if I hadn’t taken the leap making an appointment for a session with you. After only the single session with you, I thought this will be interesting to see how it goes. I found it easy, by using the strategies you taught me, it all went swimmingly. I thought after three months I would have another session and then the same after six months. I found I didn’t need it. Now, it’s been more than a year (24 May ’14) and there is simply no thought, no desire to smoke. Again thank you very much.

    Peter Miller
  • I thought this could be the way to stop smoking. I’m satisfied. I have recommended Kerry to others, 4everquit is an effective program that works.

  • I had no desire to light up. Starting about two days after I quit with your method, I could take a deep breath. My body feels better than it has for decades. I’ve had no desire to substitute anything for a cigarette.

    Sue Roberts
  • I had none of the withdrawals or cravings I had with other methods. It was, simply put, painless. I didn’t change my routine that much. I still drive my car and talk on the phone.

    Martin Howden
  • I was stuck, thought quitting impossible. Tried many times but failed. Thought why not give it (hypnosis) a go. This time it was so easy. I’m back in control, have the money and freedom to do what I want. I was surprised at just how easy it was to not even think about it. Am still going strong.

    Christian McLean
  • My family thought I would be a smoker forever. They didn’t like it and nagged me to stop. A friend died from lung cancer and was the wake-up call I needed. My family supported my decision and in Kerry I found the answer. My family is amazed.

    Neil White
  • I no longer regard myself as a smoker or even a person who smoked. I have regained power of my life rather the cigarettes dictating where I eat, visit and how I feel. Plus - everything smells a whole lot better.

    Tim Hartley
  • My health was suffering badly. I needed to stop smoking quickly. No time for patches, etc. Hypnosis with Kerry was the effective answer. Health is slowly improving now. Thanks.

    Rowan Thomas
  • I have had hypnosis with Kerry Barnard to stop smoking. Hesitant as I was, I was at the point of desperation, a smoker for twenty years. Ready to try anything. And, it worked! I just didn’t want to smoke. No mess. No fuss.

    Mary Baker
  • Cigarettes controlled me, no question about it. Then, after just one session with you I quit smoking. I had none of the withdrawal or cravings I had with other methods. It was, simply put, painless. Just knowing you would be there to assist me if I was struggling at all was a big relief. Knowing that you are not doing it alone helps tremendously. Your support and encouragement was tremendous. I just can't thank you enough.

    Sue Martin
  • I am going really well with my non-smoking. Thanks Kerry you have done wonders.

    Tanya P

Weight Loss

  • 7 kilos down and absolutely loving the program! The audios are a perfect way to wind down at the end of the day, they help me relax while at the same time embed the things I have learnt.

    Di Nelson
  • I am really enjoying the audios. I was a bit blown away when I went out last week for dinner to an Italian restaurant. Before I realised what I was doing I was moving down the menu looking for sauce options that were healthy, ie tomato based. I felt like my unconscious mind was at work... Kerry I felt it was amazing. I feel great, have lost almost 6 kilos and am more than half way to my goal. I normally do a fair bit of exercise but have found doing 5 - 10 minutes in front of the tv at night and a short 10 minute walk at lunchtime have really helped.

  • Almost 2 months on from my weight loss sessions and WOW is all I can say. I have shed 10kgs and am eating better than I ever have in my life. I am delighted with my progress and making better choices about what I eat. I have a lot more energy which helps me endure my hectic lifestyle and no longer eat for comfort. I am now putting the right fuel in the tank! I can't thank you enough for your support. I now have control of my life.

  • Hi Kerry! I thought you might want an update on my progress! Hopefully you remember me... These progress shots are 3 weeks apart. Although I've not lost a huge amount on the scales, these photos really show my progress! Cannot thank you enough!

    Sherelle Peterson
  • Just a quick email to let you know how I am going. I am still losing weight and eating healthy and loving it. I start a new job in 3 weeks. I am feeling so much better and have to thank you so much for changing my life for the better.

    Jacqui Torpey
  • Just a quick hello to update you. I’m going really well, haven’t eaten processed sugar since we started. Don’t really feel any need to eat chocolate etc. In fact now I’m a bit of a savoury fan and must confess to a love of Cheezels on the odd occasion, which is probably just as bad as chocolate. My weight is not dropping much BUT my body shape is changing. I think this is just as valid a point to prove that my eating habits are finally allowing me to become trim and toned. I still keep a food diary, however I chose not to be an ascetic eater and I chose not to deny myself foods, I simply consider if I really want to eat those foods and weigh up the exercise needed to balance out eating something like a sausage at a BBQ. I have been keeping up with my interval training between two to three times a week at six sets each and my work has subsidised a five-week boxing program with my old boxing instructor and I have joined this as well. The interval training is excellent but doesn’t address upper body muscles and so I have introduced the boxing back in to compliment my current training program. I wanted to thank you for your assistance, advice and help. I’m currently listening to my tracks at work, with one ear bud in and the track lowered until I can hear it but I can also fully function and concentrate on my work. Still taking regular breaks, drinking plenty of water daily and enjoying the challenge of eating different foods each day. Hope all is well with you and again, thanking you for assisting me in achieving a healthier me.

    Elise Campbell
  • Just want to let you know that I have lost 10.5cm off my waist by following your plan.

    John Paterson
  • I’ve stepped out of the haze, am calmer and enjoying life so much more.

    Kristy K
  • A big thank you for helping me achieve my goal in losing weight.

    Wendy Matthews
  • Thank you so much - I’ve changed my lifestyle - I feel great, my body feels more alive than ever before. Thinking so much clearer now, making better decisions. This has changed my life.

    Serena Falcon
  • Losing weight meant my confidence improved, then I was promoted at work.

    Matthew Clark
  • I couldn’t believe it. I lost 8.4 kg in the first week. You can go to all the weight-loss companies and they all do the same thing. Tell what you should be eating. What they don’t do that Kerry does is address the underlying problem for the overeating. Kerry delved into the problem of why I was overeating. Then finding a solution. It’s re-training your mind for life. Not another diet. I found it easy and common-sense to put into action. Now the sugar cravings and temptations are all gone, for good. I’m back in control. Training for the Dragon Boat Races ahead. Getting fitter and feeling more confident every day. Thank you, Kerry.

    Helen Ryan

Anxiety & Stress

  • 10 years Kerry. I’d love to know how many lives you’ve helped change in this time. Love your work .

    Phil Pollard
  • I just wanted to touch base and let you know it's my anniversary today. Three years since I saw you and got hypnotherapy. Thank you so much again for changing my life. All is well and my business is going really well. My definite plan is in place and working well. Take care and I'll speak to you one day soon.

  • Just wanted to touch base with you as have had a couple of flights of late. It had been 12 months since my Japan trip (two years since l had my first meeting with you) and am better than ever. l don’t listen to my audio you gave me much as l don’t have the need - I am putting myself into a relaxed state without thinking about it anymore. Have taken back my window seat position and can look out the window and enjoy it. Just looking into Africa for my next trip!

  • Hope you are well. Just wanted to let you know that I am doing well,  I am sleeping much better than I was. I am dreaming often which I don't usually do, but I am waking feeling refreshed and much clearer and calm in my thoughts. I have been listening to you most nights. Thank you for helping me clear the clutter, it's very much appreciated.

  • I have waited a while before contacting you to see how I got on, in case anything came up. The fact is I have been doing really well. Since learning how to control my negative thoughts and change my thinking I have made huge progress in every part of my life, each day I get more out of myself. I have cut down on medication and oxygen and become more active, each day brings more benefit. I can sit and enjoy a movie, go for a short walk, have a coffee in town with my husband. Many people would not believe that these things were so difficult for me but they certainly were. Not having panic attacks is a wonderful thing when you have experienced them, because you become frightened to go anywhere. I am now comfortable going out and about. I am still slow but I can do it and I know I will speed up as time goes on. The treatment you have devised Kerry is second to none. I have tried everything over the years, and in three weeks you have given me my life back. I am not far off 70 and if there is anyone reading this who thinks they are too old, it won't work for them, it is mumbo jumbo or anything else like that then I would say they are foolish. It is never too late, it is certainly not too hard, and it is not expensive. I can say to anyone considering this treatment - do it, put everything you have got into into it, embrace it and get a lifetime of benefit from it. Thank you Kerry for your professionalism, skill and dedication, I will never forget the experience and be forever thankful I took the plunge.

  • Wish I had known how to do this decades ago! You are a champion, worth every penny. Thanks a million Kerry, Enjoy your day.

    en Rankin
  • I have had no anxiety since leaving your place. I used to feel it as I breathed, although not knowing it was that - like breathing through a windpipe loosely stuffed with gauze would be one way of describing it. It feels so clear now and I have been standing around the place just breathing as I like the feeling! I am feeling more calm and can now see the possibilities for the future, and that is exciting. I seemed to go into lockdown for a while but that has now passed. I just went and hung out some washing, just outside the laundry door. My oxygen pipe doesn't reach there so I took it off and hung the washing and I didn't feel anxious, but I didn't leave it off for too long - baby steps seems the right way for me at the moment. I was quite pleased with myself. It was a sort of test. I am going to do another test later on. We are going out for tea up to our favourite pub in Wycheproof. I used to get the nasties whenever I got out of or into the car so I thought I would do that tonight. I will let you know how I go. I don't know what you did or how you did it, but you must have a very high level of skill - and even though we have a couple more sessions to go, you have already exceeded my expectations. So I am very happy.

  • Thanks Kerry for giving me the tools to help me make the huge changes I have made in my life since we sat down and chatted so long ago. Next month will be two years since I broke my abusive relationship with alcohol and have never looked back on that life since. I feel great, I have a really good business on the side that is 1000% up on last year, my role at this company is perfect for me and I did it all by myself. You were right Kerry, you make your own luck in this world. Anything I can ever do to help you out just let me know. Thank you again.

  • Flew to Hobart today and was totally all over it… Seatbelt sign was on the whole way as it was very bumpy. Some of the other passengers had to get vomit bags out due to the rough ride. I was totally comfortable bobbing away with it!!! So proud of myself… thank you.

    Barb Houghton
  • I GOT THE JOB!!! The pay is more than I get now and there are opportunities to increase and learn so much more. I am so excited for my future and where it will take me. Thank you sooooo much for all your help and advice. You have helped me make a clear choice and I believe my future is going to shine so bright now! Thanks again for all your help, if it wasn't for you I would not be in such a wonderful position right now!

    Michelle Jackson
  • I listen to my iPod when out walking, it helps me relax, increases my energy and focus. What stress? The world seems brighter after only a few minutes.

  • Listening to the CDs each night helps me to unwind at the end of a hard day. I sleep like a top.

  • My 16-year-old daughter was having issues causing stress in the family. After listening to the CDs, relationships with my husband and daughter have all improved.

    Ann Kemp
  • I felt as though I had lost control of my life and my 16-year-old daughter was in crisis. I now am in charge of how my life is going to be. My relationships with my husband, daughter and son have all improved. Kerry cares about you as a person and genuinely wants you to become the best person you want to be.

    Julie Burrows

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