Weight Loss for women- the simple secret

Have you ever had a friend or associate that has managed to lose that 15 kilograms or more? Have you noticed the radiance and joy and their grasp on the new healthy them? They are wearing new clothes and actively looking to do more activities. All the negative self-talk has disappeared. Their enthusiasm for life and joy at the new person they have become is often infectious.

Weight loss for women is complex and considered difficult on many different levels. Yet the term weight loss is very simple.

“ a decrease in body weight” (Oxford Dictionary)

Every day as a woman you are bombarded by messaging on how to lose weight. Many of these messages suggesting you follow regimented diets and routines or order in meals. The list of diets is endless. Just some of the current diets being;

  • Paleo diet
  • Dukan diet
  • Ketogenic diet
  • Atkins diet
  • Intermittent fasting

The reality is the secret to weight loss is very simple.


Once you can focus your mind around what a new and healthier you can look like, you can then start to reprogram your brain to head in that direction.  We need to reprogram your neck top computer.

As you read this, stop for a few moments, close your eyes and think about the new you. What does weight loss look like to you? How does it feel? How happy are you feeling? Bring an end to yoyo dieting and a vicious cycle of weight loss and weight gain. Once reprogrammed, this can be a lifelong change that enables you to live the life you only dreamed of.

Based in Bendigo, we can work together on-site, or I can work with you remotely through a variety of online technologies.  Weight loss for women is easy; you need to comprehend the simple secret to weight loss and believe in yourself. If this is you, call me now for a no-obligation discussion to see if we can help with your dream of a happier, healthier better you.