Mind Coaching Australia; Tapping into your Unconscious Mind

Mind coaching is defined as the process of re-wiring or re-training the way an individual thinks and sees the world. So they can regain control of their lives. This can include emotional or mental health issues that have not responded to other treatments. Addictions and phobias. All of the everyday life issues we all face from time to time! A little known aspect of mind coaching is it’s productive application to athletes. (Many of the top ranking athletes in the world have a professional mind coach in their team.)This holistic approach differs to traditional top of mind, routes of therapy such as psychology. We tap into the 95% of the unconscious mind which is where the issues and solutions reside!

The famous Austrian Neurologist Sigmund Freud used an analogy to explain this, comparing the human mind to that of an iceberg in the ocean. He would state that what we can see of the iceberg (the tip) is our conscious mind. Where our accessible/conscious thoughts, feelings and memories are stored. But, below the tip exists an enormous underbelly, being the unconscious mind, that holds all of the mental intricacies that are out of reach, yet influence who we are and why we do the things we do.

Mind Coaching Australia


When it comes to feeling uncomfortable, stuck, not happy, or deeper issues of anxiety, depression, addiction and other emotional issues, the issue rooted deep in the unconscious mind and dysfunctional behaviour becomes habitual. To resolve these issues we want to dive below the tip of the iceberg, find the root cause, delete it and create a whole new mind set. That is calm, confident and happy! What could be better than that?

This is where I come in. Barnard Mind Solution is in Bendigo. Offering professional and widely renowned mind coaching services to clients Australia-wide. Enabling clients to use their minds more effectively and regain a better sense of purpose and direction in their lives. In a whole new way. It’s like nothing they have tried in the past!

Owner Kerry Barnard Amor has decades of experience in enabling clients to be in a much happier healthier place in their minds and lives. Creating the life they want and deserve.

Solving issues including anxiety, depression, smoking, alcoholism, gambling and much more by clearing the clutter, deleting the problem and creating a whole new mind set. Kerry’s clients are highly successful as they come with an open mind and follow the suggestions given.

Highly trained and undeniably passionate, Kerry has the natural ability to open the door to the unconscious mind, which has the answers to all our emotional and psychological problems, if only we choose to listen.

To learn more about Kerry’s mind coaching process and current booking schedule, please contact her today on 0407 536 636. She is willing to discuss the options available to you and enable you decide if mind coaching is a good fit for you.