Weight gain after quitting.

Are you afraid of gaining weight if you quit? (Based on experience, or what you believe)

Some people had had the experience of gaining weight when they tried to stop smoking. This is because of the processed sugar in the cigarette. Remember the roller coaster we spoke about in a previous blog? Well when a smoker tries to go “cold turkey”, the sugar levels plummet. Causing a sugar craving. But instead of fuelling with healthy sugar, the smoker goes for processed sugar, lollies, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, Coke, fast food, bread. The list is endless.

They are merely replacing one toxic fuel for another. So the roller coaster continues. But now that toxic sugar goes straight to fat. Weight gain and the craving for processed sugar continues. Resulting in a vicious cycle that you can’t hope to resolve through willpower alone.

Cigarettes vary between containing 8-18% sugar! That’s about half a teaspoon in every cigarette you smoke!  When tobacco is ‘cured’, it’s soaked in sugar water and then dehydrated. Have you noticed how some smokers hands shake after a while if they haven’t had a smoke?  This is a symptom of hypoglycaemia. Shaky hands are one of the first symptoms of having low blood sugar.

Instead of toxic sugar, your body wants healthy sugar. It’s like putting Ferrari fuel in the Ferrari, rather than dirty, toxic fuel that damages and blocks the fuel lines. I’m not here to tell you what to eat, but if we were to source a healthy sugar then fruit, particularly bananas, all the berry family, grapes and mango, would be great healthy alternatives. Allowing your body to rebuild and repair itself. Resulting in becoming, healthier, fitter, and as a by-product healthy weight loss!

The natural sugars in fruit counteract any cravings you may from the lack of toxic sugar in the cigarettes. This natural sugar stabilises your blood sugar levels, which is really, really important for health and well-being. It’s no accident that many smokers have diabetes or and pre-diabetic.

Takeaway. Would you be willing to be open to the suggestion of increasing your fruit intake of bananas, strawberries, blueberries, grapes or mango?

In making the decision to become a happy, healthy non-smoker you will no doubt be wanting to make healthy decisions around food choices, which is something you want, anyway, isn’t it?